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Think about all the core processes you need to run a company successfully: finance, supply chain, HR, procurement, manufacturing. An Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) keeps all of these (and more) operations running while enabling complete visualization of your entire business and creating more accurate and efficient operations. In short; ERP-systems enable business growth.

The quality of a solution relies on the software itself, but also on the service providers’ competence and capability to understand the customers business and needs. A business software, such as an ERP-system, is  worthless until it is implemented and developed to fit the company’s business, culture and processes. During  implementation and integration we turn a Software into a Solution by building a deep understanding of our customers business, organization, processes and systems, and customizing the software to fit their needs.

Whether you want to upgrade, renew or modernize your current ERP-system or are in need of a completely new ERP-system, our consultants, developers and system architects will help you maximize your investment.

SolaaS - a new way to think ERP

Arribatec’s cloud services are delivered fully implemented and integrated as a service at a fixed price. It is called Solution as a Service (SolaaS) and deliver agile and cost-effective solutions built for the future. The big difference with SolaaS is how it enables Arribatec to reduce the customer’s risk during implementation and frees the customer from high start-up costs. 

You get a fully implemented ERP platform with the possibility of integration with niche solutions at a fixed monthly price. We take full responsibility for monitoring, support and management of the entire system landscape.

Arribatec ERP Services

We deliver holistic and integrated solutions with ERP as the core business system. We implement, customize, integrate and support these ERP systems in combination with other best-of-breed solutions. Whether you are in need of advisory regarding your current systems or want to explore new solutions, our consultants and developers will be there every step of the way from analysis to delivery.  

Research Management

With Instipro3 we provide a “best of breed” project management solutions for research driven companies integrated and Unit4 ERP (UBW). This gives a complete overview of projects and financial accounts are automatically synchronized at all levels. Simple and intuitive for researchers and project managers. Fully cloud enabled and delivered as SolaaS.

Advisory Service

With basis in our deep domain competence, market overview and independence, we engage with our customers in the process of selecting new solutions or improve current ones. We systematically drive the process from need identified to solutions selected and delivered through a combination of technology and business advice throughout the service delivery.

System Integration

With our system integration services we help businesses drive results from day one. We have developed extensive experience and comprehensive methods on how to integrate different business applications to function as an integrated solution. Our consultants will take full responsibility from analysis and recommendation of technical solution to the actual delivery of the integration.


If standard implementation or process adjustments does not fit your business or the issues you are facing, or if customization needs are detected in the advisory or integration stage, our highly skilled system architects and developers can deliver customizations of our offered solutions to better fit your needs. 

Application Support

In addition to traditional application support through phone and e-mail we offer a proactive service automating the identification process of incidents and issues if caused by technical infrastructure or processes, and the creation of related support-tickets.

Engagement Management

At Arribatec we take project management to the next level. We believe that extensive system- and process competence combined with a deep understanding of our customers’ business, organization, processes and systems will drive projects in a better way and deliver holistic cost-efficient solutions.

Business Solutions

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A cloud-based, self-driving, adaptive and intuitive enterprise software giving your people the means to focus on what matters.

A complete, intelligent and powerful cloud based ERP-system, empowering you with automation to support efficiency, scalability and insight.

A complete business platform that gives full control over the entire value chain. Rambase is a great solution for SMB's.

A “best of breed” product developed by Arribatec based upon pains and issues our customers frequently encounter.

Get insight into your business by combining data from all of your systems, and visualize it in interactive reports and intuitive dashboards.

Your trusted ERP partner

Team Arribatec deliver holistic and integrated solutions and services with ERP as the core business system. We implement, customize, integrate and support these ERP systems in combination with other best-of-breed solutions. Challenge us to take you to the next level!