Supplier Code of Conduct ^

Arribatec is committed to acting as a responsible corporate citizen worldwide. We believe that high standards for ethical, social and environmental behaviours are essential, and we expect the same of our suppliers and their supply chain. Our suppliers shall comply with Arribatec’s Code of Conduct, all applicable laws and regulations, contractual obligations, and the terms of this Supplier Code of Conduct.


Suppliers must ensure their production, products and services are in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, both local and otherwise.


Suppliers must respect Human Rights and privacy of each individual. Suppliers are expected to treat people with respect and dignity, promote diversity and equal opportunities for everyone, and foster an inclusive, committed and ethical culture.

Child labour

Suppliers shall not use child labour or conduct business with business partners using child labour. The term “child” means any person under the statutory minimum age applicable to employees where the work is performed, provided the legal age is consistent with the minimum working age defined by the International Labor Organization.

Human trafficking

Suppliers shall refrain from the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring or receipt of persons by means of force, fraud or coercion for the purpose of exploitation. They shall also refrain from using or providing labour or services procured illegally, notably through migrant smuggling. Suppliers shall never employ or make anyone work against his or her will or conduct business with business partners that promote or use such practices.


Suppliers shall prevent harassment and ensure that their employees can work in an environment free of physical, psychological and other forms of abuse. Suppliers must ensure that they respect the rights of their employees and comply with all applicable laws and regulations in the country or countries in which they operate. This includes all rights and minimum standards relating to wages, benefits and working conditions. Suppliers shall comply with the applicable legal requirements for employee compensation and working hours. Suppliers are expected to respect the freedom of association or workers and their rights to communicate openly with management regarding working conditions without fear of harassment, intimidation, penalty, interference or retaliation.



Suppliers shall respect their environment and work to minimize environmental impacts linked to their activities. They shall endeavor to use energy as efficiently as possible and promote the use of renewable energy. Suppliers shall ensure the safety, health and welfare of their employees, visitors and others who are involved in their business activities. Furthermore, they shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations and use their best efforts to respect health and safety procedures.


Compliance with Anti-Corruption laws Suppliers shall neither tolerate nor engage in any form of corruption or influence peddling and shall not grant, offer or promise, or ask for, directly or indirectly, anything of value to or from a public official or a private-sector employee to influence actions or obtain an improper advantage. This includes any facilitation payment. Suppliers are expected to conduct reasonable due diligence to prevent and detect corruption and influence peddling in all business arrangements, including partnerships, joint ventures, and the use of intermediaries such as agents or consultants. Gifts and invitations Exchanges of gifts or invitations may not be used to gain an unfair competitive advantage. In any business relationship, suppliers must ensure that the offering or receipt of any gift, invitation, entertainment or business courtesy is permitted by law and regulation, for a legitimate purpose, reasonable, and not intended to influence, and that these exchanges do not violate the rules and standards of the recipient’s organization and are consistent with reasonable market-place customs and practices.

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