Free security check

Hackers are constantly finding new and creative ways to deceive employees. Ransom viruses, social manipulation and leakage of sensitive company data are only the tip of the iceberg.

This is why we now offer a free security check of your digital business landscape. Within 2 hours, we assess your company’s security and advise on how to solve the challenges.

NB. offer applies to companies with more than 30 employees.

How to strengthen your company’s security in the cloud

Many measures must be in place to minimise the risk of security breaches. Microsoft also offers several security tools that are often included in the services you already have but may not be enabled or utilised sufficiently in your company.

We help you get an overview of which security measures you have in place today and what you are missing. This includes surveying the current security picture, identifying vulnerabilities and our advice to get all employees trained in security routines.

How we work with security

Our security team in Arribatec Cloud specialises in proactively handling security threats in the digital business landscape with cutting-edge expertise in Microsoft. We take a deep dive into the company’s digital landscape, create status reports with potential measures that should be implemented and assist in the continuous security work in your company.

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Get a free security check of your business' IT landscape

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