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This is what you get with Azure:

With Azure Cloud, you can automate a number of services and processes that, until today, have been manual.

In addition to empowering your business and making it more productive, you can effectively reduce costs. Seemingly simple things like keeping your servers running 24/7 can now be replaced by services that only use computing power when needed. We call it autoscaling.

License costs can also be reduced as one buys greater flexibility by establishing oneself in the cloud. There is a wide range of “measures” here that will help to reduce the costs associated with IT operations.

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Because the cloud is a dynamic service, your company should carry out an analysis of the current infrastructure. We help you with this so that you are maximally prepared and familiar with both pitfalls and profit opportunities.

The journey is continuous and is best carried out in stages. Although the rustle of palm trees and the sound of waves lapping onto the beach will be there for periods, there will also be a need for ongoing improvements and changes.

Arribatec Cloud helps you with all this so that you can focus on your company’s core business.

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Succeed with change management

Another important aspect is that your company must anchor the cloud journey internally. Employees may become concerned that they will become redundant when much is automated, that functions will disappear, and that they no longer have a place in the company. The Cloud journey will transform your toolbox and, to some extent, the employees who work with it.

We have experience with engagement management and the implementation of new technologies. Therefore, we will help you make the Azure onboarding as flexible and exciting as possible for all employees.

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