Azure Data Platform

We help you collect, process and store large amounts of data in a structured way.

Our Azure data platform is scalable, which ensures flexibility, performance and control of running costs. In summary, a data platform can provide benefits such as:

ūü°™ Scalability and flexibility: Pay for what you need when you need it.

ūü°™ Security and privacy: Secure your data against unauthorised access, loss or damage.

ūü°™ Improved data quality and ownership of own data.

ūü°™ Efficient and centralised data processing.

Azure Dataplatform service
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A prerequisite for success

A data platform is often a prerequisite for enabling various value-adding services across your source systems

  1. Artificial intelligence
  2. Integration platform
  3. Sometimes via API
  4. Advanced data analysis
  • Azure Data Factory
  • Azure Functions
  • Azure Storage Accounts
  • Azure Databases
  • Azure API Management

Our data platform offering:

With the use of Azure Data Factory and standard solutions in Azure, we build a data platform that can grow over time based on needs.

We have consultants with broad experience who assist in choosing the right technical solutions to efficiently obtain data from various sources. This is done by automating the collection process and data is stored securely in Azure. By storing data in Azure, you have the opportunity to use the data for analysis and reporting in Power BI, but also other tools.

If you want to share data with third parties, we develop APIs with authentication to share data in a secure and efficient way.

If you want to be involved in development – and/or the management process, we assist with knowledge and training.

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Integrated ecosystem with Azure data platform

With our consultants, it becomes easy to expand and build advanced data solutions with the help of flexible integrations and a rich ecosystem. The Azure computing platform supports integration with other tools in the Azure ecosystem and third-party solutions.

  • The Azure ecosystem¬†involves seamless integration between the Azure computing platform and your other Azure services, such as data storage, serverless computing and Azure Active Directory for identity management.¬†We help you build a complete and holistic solution on the Azure platform.

  • Third-party integration:¬†Integrate the data platform with popular analytics tools such as¬†Power BI¬†for visualization.¬†Furthermore, we can help you connect data processes to different SaaS-based services and react to events from other sources.

  • Programming and scripting languages:¬†The Azure computing platform has broad support for popular programming and scripting languages.¬†You can use languages ‚Äč‚Äčlike Python, R, .NET, Java, and more to develop and run data processing and analytics jobs in Azure.¬†This gives developers the flexibility to use whatever language they are most comfortable with.

  • APIs and SDKs:¬†The Azure computing platform offers extensive APIs and Software Development Kits (SDKs) for easy integration and development.¬†Leverage the APIs and SDKs to access and manage various components of the Azure computing platform to more easily automate processes, manage resources, and interact with the platform through software development.

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