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Unit4 Basic Excelerator Reports November 2023

This course is designed to introduce the learner to financial report building using the Unit4 ERP (Agresso/U4BW) Excelerator add-in.

About the course:

It is a ‘toolkit’ course that provides many useful functions that can then be applied, as required, by the learner in their own Unit4 environment.

The reports used in the course will be based on web ‘Information Browsers’, but the elements trained in the course also apply to desktop users.

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Trainee Prerequisites – Knowledge:

As this course is aimed at the beginner, there is no mandatory prerequisite.
However, a knowledge of the following areas would be an advantage for the learner:

  • Unit4 ERP (Agresso / U4BW) navigation
  • Core finance setup (Accounts, Posting Attributes, Periods, etc)
  • Desktop Browser or Web Information Browser creation

What the trainees will receive:

Other than the hands-on training session itself, the trainees will receive:

  • An excel worksheet with all the report examples used in the session – for reference purposes
  • A PDF User Guide detailing all elements trained in the course
  • A certificate of completion

Course Summary:

The course is led by an experienced Arribatec Training Centre (ATC) trainer, using the dedicated ATC training environment. The learners are given temporary access to the environment during the course.

An excel workbook has been created with many sheets, each one being an exercise demonstrating a new reporting function. The exercises increase slowly in complexity, from very simple reports to multi-subtotalled and outlined per-attribute reports.

The workbook, along with this guide, can be used as a reference by the learner once the course is finished, therefore providing ongoing value and assistance.

Basic Reporting in Unit4 Excelerator 1-Day Course 



500 per person


kr 4900 per person


£ 450 per person

Payment will be done by invoice after registration is made. Once payment is completed, the trainee will receive the link to the session.

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