Ayfe and Arribatec redefining search capabilities in enterprise solutions
The partnership between Ayfie and Arribatec supercharges the value proposition to customers by addressing a critical need; seamless and efficient data search capabilities.

Ayfie and Arribatec redefining search capabilities in enterprise solutions

In January 2024, a partnership contract was finalised, heralding Ayfie’s integration into enterprise systems implemented and supported by Arribatec. The partnership supercharges the value proposition to customers by addressing a critical need; seamless and efficient data search capabilities. 

Organisations seeking more intuitive ways for their employees to access data will find Ayfie’s solutions a game-changer. The partnership supports Arribatec’s commitment to simplifying complexity for its clients and is kicked off by a project for Aker Solutions in collaboration with Accenture and Microsoft. 

Let’s look into what’s exciting about this new partnership, the key benefits of the new integration, future challenges, and how your organisation can battle these by combining AI and consulting from Arribatec. 

The new Ayfie integration, in short 

The new Ayfie integration with the business process management system QualiWare and related documentation promises to improve search efficiency and simplify access to critical information within organisations’ ecosystems. Together with consulting from Arribatec, organisations can expect a simpler and more compliant system landscape. 

“Our mission is to empower organisations and individuals with the knowledge and understanding they need to get their job done. We achieve this through a suite of advanced features that enhance search capabilities, bring order to data chaos, and harness the power of AI to unlock actionable insights,” Egil Slavko Kvamme, the VP of Relationships at Ayfie, says. 

The partnership between Ayfie and Arribatec supercharges the value proposition to customers by addressing a critical need; seamless and efficient data search capabilities.

In a market flooded with AI solutions, Ayfie sets itself apart by providing AI that companies can trust. Their focus on data privacy and security ensures that sensitive information remains protected while being processed by AI. 

Whether through the Ayfie Personal Assistant or CoPilot, the tools are tailored to support your specific needs. They help you perform your tasks more effectively, delivering fast, efficient, and secure results. 

Ayfie’s use of Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) technology differentiates them from competitors, and it’s not just about finding information; 

“It’s about understanding context and delivering precise answers, which elevates the decision-making process for our clients. In sum, we are not just another AI company. We’re a partner in your quest for knowledge, offering a smarter way to work with data that sets you up for success,” Kvamme explains.

How this partnership is a game changer for current and future challenges 

As we look into the future, one thing is certain: our capacity to generate data will far exceed what we are able to handle. This is where the combined forces of Arribatec and Ayfie come in, offering solutions that smooth out the often-bumpy relationship between employees and the vast seas of data they must deal with. 

Let’s consider the key drivers shaping the needs of today’s workforce:

1. The need for fast ROI from employees:

The modern employee, especially those between 24-34, moves around more than ever, with an average stay of 2.7 years and 20% changing roles every six months, as reported by the Randstad Workmonitor. This trend highlights the urgency of efficient onboarding. Without a robust search solution supported by AI Assistants, companies risk squandering months of salary on unproductive onboarding periods.

2. The remote work revolution:

Post-Covid, the remote work trend has skyrocketed, with varying impacts across industries. While some studies indicate a productivity boost among experienced remote employees, newcomers often struggle without the in-person guidance of colleagues. This is where AI-enhanced business processes and work descriptions come into play, providing a virtual helping hand to bring employees up to speed, regardless of their physical location. Arribatec and Ayfie are perfectly positioned to offer these tools, ensuring a seamless integration for the workforce.

3. The data explosion:

The data landscape is experiencing unprecedented growth, from 2 zettabytes in 2010 to a projected 181 zettabytes by 2025 (source: Statista). In the middle of this explosion, employees find themselves in a rough split: 50% may overlook historical data, but the remaining 50% are keen on leveraging it and will deliver huge value from it. Arribatec and Ayfie stand ready to assist, simplifying the task of data retrieval and making the work life more manageable. 

The partnership between Ayfie and Arribatec supercharges the value proposition to customers by addressing a critical need; seamless and efficient data search capabilities.

A value-adding integration rewarding organisations with higher ROI from their applications 

Many organisations are working with applications that have rather rigid and limited search functionalities. In scenarios where data is not just valuable but potentially life-saving or pivotal to business operations, the return on investment (ROI) for these applications skyrockets when they are paired with superior search capabilities. 

The new Ayfie integration elevates this further with the implementation of secure AI technologies, ensuring that clients not only find what they’re looking for but do so with the utmost confidence in the safety and reliability of the search process.  

Ayfie steps in with a swift and effective solution to connect disparate data sources to Copilot, facilitating a more cohesive and integrated digital environment. 

Key features of Ayfie:

  1. Advanced Search Capabilities: Our platform transforms the way you search for information. By moving beyond basic keyword searches, we provide a more intuitive and structured approach to locating the data you need quickly and efficiently.
  2. Data Structuring: We don’t just find data; we organise it. Our features are designed to impose order on unstructured data, making it easier to manage and analyse.
  3. AI-Enhanced Insights: Once data is found and structured, our AI tools step in. Ayfie offers a unique AI RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) solution. This means our system doesn’t just retrieve data—it understands it. It then generates accurate, relevant responses that our customers can rely on.

Data search, generative AI and compliance goes hand in hand with consulting 

With customer projects already in the process, the collaboration between Ayfie and Arribatec underscores its dedication to providing proactive solutions tailored to the evolving needs of the market. 

“The market is hungry for the benefits that artificial intelligence can provide, and with our holistic focus on quality solutions and simplifying complex processes for our clients, we can help them succeed with this new technology,” says Lars Hyggen, Director Business Development in Arribatec EA & BPM.  

The partnership between Ayfie and Arribatec supercharges the value proposition to customers by addressing a critical need; seamless and efficient data search capabilities.

Many organisations are already engaged in AI projects, exploring ways to bridge their business applications with e.g. Copilot technology. However, as Tom Mikkelsen, Principal Cloud Consultant, explains in this Microsoft Copilot Webinar, Copilot and other generative AI applications should be carefully assessed before rolling out to the entire organisation due to security and compliance considerations. There are significant risks to be addressed before implementing new integrations or AI tools. 

Arribatec’s consultants obtain expertise in security and compliance, business applications, and business process management, which helps organisations succeed by using generative AI to enhance insights and ensure compliance standards are met.  

Together, these elements create a cohesive approach to managing data and regulatory requirements, supported by Arribatec’s guidance and advisory. 

Examples of how our consultants can support your path to data mastery: 

  • Implementations: Steering role during the establishment, implementation and integration of holistic business applications and systems that improve efficiency and lower administrative costs. 
  • Continuous improvements: Overseeing the continuous improvement of clients’ systems, providing advice, facilitating workshops, and modelling to ensure maximum ROI of the system investment. 
  • Compliance: Laying the foundation for all employees to work in accordance with set requirements and guidelines while collectively working towards set visions and objectives. 
  • Security: Advanced security services including implementation of security measures, monitoring and continuous assessment of existing security risks. 
  • Migrating to a holistic system landscape: Steering role during the transfer project, ensuring accurate transfer of content and proactive advisory when building and configuring systems and integrations to meet specific needs. 

“Our consultants obtain the expertise required to succeed with generative AI in Enterprise solutions, such as the Ayfie integration. In essence, this new collaboration is about making connections between data, applications, and, ultimately, between people and the information they need to excel in their roles. This synergy is the cornerstone of our joint efforts,” Hyggen explains. 

The partnership between Ayfie and Arribatec supercharges the value proposition to customers by addressing a critical need; seamless and efficient data search capabilities.

The path to data mastery varies by client – let us help you succeed in the long run 

  • Some may benefit from an enterprise-wide search solution powered by AI, creating a unified data ecosystem. 
  • Others might find success with a department-specific tool tailored to address unique data challenges, with AI streamlining specific workflows. 
  • Or, the focus could be on enhancing search capabilities within a particular application critical for business operations, like Business Process Management (BPM), complemented by a personal AI assistant for each employee. 

Regardless of the path, we can help your organisation master data, improve efficiency, and get a faster return on investment. 

In essence, Arribatec and Ayfie aren’t just providing tools; they’re crafting a smarter workspace where data serves the employee, not the other way around. For more information on generative AI search, visit Ayfie Enterprise Search Software or get in touch with us here to get a demo and a meeting to discuss your opportunities. 

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