BankHub ^

Automate your banking processes with Arribatec BankHub - the interface between Unit4 ERP and your bank.

As companies spend too much time on manual processes by submitting bank files, reading return files and making bank reconciliations, we developed Arribatec BankHub to automate all your banking-related processes.

BankHub handles several banks as well as different domestic- and international payment formats. All you need is a bank connection.

The application takes care of all activities that are necessary to exchange financial messages and files between Unit4 ERP and your bank. All activity is logged, and all files are stored in the database, ready for auditing and troubleshooting.

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Why choose Arribatec? ^

Simplifying complexity

Based upon common industry pains and issues related to manual bank processing, we have developed Arribatec BankHub to simplify the complexity. As Elite Partner of Unit4 ERP, you can trust that our Unit4 products and services are best-in-class.


Just ask our BankHub customers:

Get started with automated banking processes in Unit4 ERP

Automate your banking processes ^

BankHub supports DNB, Nets, DanskeBank, Nordea and Sparebank1. It can also be configured to cover several bank connections at once.
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Who benefits from Arribatec BankHub?

Arribatec BankHub is suitable for all businesses, both SMB’s and Enterprises.

Arribatec Bank Hub benefits:

  • Standardized and automated that will be further developed by Arribatec
  • Includes automatic sending of remittance transactions to the bank, automatic entry of receipt and settlement return and automatic posting of payment orders
  • Includes functionality for posting payment orders at a detailed level (invoice by invoice) which contributes to an increased automation of the bank reconciliation process
  • Supports automatic loading of bank statements (Camt053) and payment files (Cremul)
  • Gives notification that remittance has been made and error messages

Encrpyted file transfer

Encrypted file transfer between Unit4 ERP and bank, automatic loading of bank files to Unit4 ERP, and automatic posting of payments. Unit4 ERP bank accounts will always be up to date!

Continuous updating of where a payment is located in the screen «update payment orders». This makes up-to-date payment orders a kind of “dashboard” where you can follow where a payment is in the process.

Detailed logging of information

Detailed logging of information in files / file traffic. This allows, among other things, to retrieve the reason for the rejection of a remittance directly in web screenshots or emails.

Remittance proposal- & confirmation

As a general rule, we do not recommend automating these two processes. Should it still be desirable, and that one has good control over; approval of new suppliers, changes to suppliers and the invoice approval process that allows fully automated remittance, then Arribatec BankHub can support this.