Becoming One ^

We are excited to announce that as we are rebranding, as part of the ongoing evolution of Arribatec.

To better reflect the new Arribatec, we will reintroduce ourselves and our new identity over the coming months.

You may have noticed that a lot has happened in Arribatec over the past year. We have reached several milestones, both small and large, and have previously announced these achievements, but here is a brief summary:

We have gone public, tripled our workforce, made six major acquisitions, opened several new offices and established our presence in many new countries.

It’s safe to say we’re not who we used to be. To better reflect the new Arribatec, we are now enhancing our visual identity and branding to symbolise the union of all our companies and Arribatec coming together as one. 

We are restructuring into five main business areas;

Our new identity will reflect who we are today and who we aim to be tomorrow and demonstrate the broadness and depth of what we offer.

Over the next few months, we will reintroduce ourselves, our new logo, our new brand, and our new identity – including the launch of our new website.

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