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By collaborating with Centro Especial de Empleo SIFU, Arribatec is actively contributing to building a diverse and inclusive workforce and breaking down barriers.

Arribatec Iberia and Grupo SIFU: driving diversity and inclusion

As part of the activities organised around the Christmas celebration last year, Arribatec Iberia purchased Christmas Hampers from Centro Especial de Empleo SIFU, an organisation dedicated to creating employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. This action wasn’t just about spreading festive cheer; it’s a tangible step towards fostering a more inclusive workforce.

We wanted to spread the word about Grupo SIFU’s good work, so we sat down with Elisabet Palomo, the National Supply Director at Grupo SIFU, to discuss what the Christmas campaign means for an organisation like theirs and how other companies can help.

What is the Grupo SIFU?
At SIFU, a Special Employment Center (EWC) leader in providing socially responsible Facility Services, we offer companies comprehensive and flexible solutions in auxiliary services, specialised cleaning, environmental services, advice, and social and sustainable supplies management.

The group, founded 30 years ago, has more than 9,000 workers, more than 5,000 of them with disabilities, and has a presence throughout the national territory, France and Andorra, serving more than 3,000 clients in the public and private sectors.

What is Grupo SIFU’s objective?
Our objective is to provide job opportunities to people with disabilities and manage the needs that other EWCs and ordinary companies may have to cover.

grupo SIFU

Elisabet Palomo, the National Supply Director at Grupo SIFU


What impact does the Christmas campaign have on the group?

The Christmas campaign for SIFU aims to continue accompanying companies so that they give their employees and clients our Christmas Hamper Packs, Vermeet Packs made with local products, management of company events, social catering, etc.

These gifts are not only a unique detail to thank the commitment and trust of the company’s employees, but they also positively impact the teams and the spirit of the company. With the acquisition of some of our lots, packs or event management, companies contribute significantly to the social and labour inclusion of people with disabilities, thus reinforcing the Social Responsibility of their entity.

How does the Christmas campaign support the employment opportunities of people with disabilities?
At SIFU, we strive to promote the incorporation of people with disabilities into the labour market. Therefore, to carry out our Christmas campaign, we have staff both in the warehouses, where they collaborate in the handling and assembly that this campaign entails and in customer service to plan the events, manage orders or attend to any customisation of details at Christmas.

Could you share information about other products, services or actions carried out by the SIFU group in addition to the Christmas campaign?
Among our different products in the Christmas campaign, we have one of great novelty and great social value: our Vermeet Pack. These are gastronomic lots prepared by local producers, which allow the best of the gastronomy of the Spanish region to be known.

This project aims to help suppliers with an alternative sales channel to the usual one and offer customers sustainable, environmentally friendly and high-quality products. Furthermore, as is the case with the entire Christmas campaign, the Vermeet packs and their distribution are made by workers with disabilities. Hence, the companies that acquire them contribute to labour inclusion.

At SIFU, we also offer companies space and infrastructure management solutions so that they comply with the law and are operational, hygienically safe, sustainable, healthy and comfortable.

In addition, we provide solutions to the needs of the people who inhabit the spaces. We provide all the services and products necessary for their safety and the development of their functions, promoting sustainable, healthy, and safe work spaces.

Some examples of the solutions we offer for employees are corporate, social and sustainable marketing products; unique details for employees; work clothing and personal protective equipment; management of company events; and healthy corners, among others.

Thank you so much for your time talking to us and explaining the vital work that Grupo SIFU does.


This initiative resonates deeply with our commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. It’s not just a certificate; it’s a testament to our dedication to corporate social responsibility.

At Arribatec, we firmly believe that every person deserves equal opportunities. By collaborating with Centro Especial de Empleo SIFU, we are actively contributing to building a diverse and inclusive workforce and breaking down barriers.

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