SolaaS - Solution as a Service ^

Challenging the way business systems are delivered

Buying business software is worthless before it is implemented to fit your company’s business, culture and processes. That’s why we now offer Solution as a Service, also known as SolaaS.

SolaaS means that all our software products can be delivered fully, implemented and integrated at a fixed monthly price. During the implementation and eventually integrations, we turn software into a Solution.

The result is agile and cost-effective IT landscapes
built for the future. 

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Saas vs SolaaS

We offer both SaaS and SolaaS, but what is the difference?

SaaS means you subscribe to software in the cloud that includes continuous updates. However, SolaaS takes the concept further with more than just the software itself; you also get implementation and integrations included in the price.

The big game changer with SolaaS is how we reduce the customer’s risk during implementation and frees the customer from high start-up costs. Instead of just software, you get a fully implemented solution with the possibility of integration with niche products at a fixed monthly price. We take full responsibility for monitoring, supporting and managing your company’s entire system landscape so you can focus on your core business.

Looking for a smarter way to buy software that enables growth and reduces risk?

A smarter way to buy technology ^

It is not given that anyone can implement, integrate and turn any software into a functioning, solid solution. The quality of the solution relies not only on the software itself but the service provider’s software competence and capabilities to understand the customers’ business and the industry.

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