The future of enterprise IT
is One Solution ^


One Solution is the answer to get more value from Enterprise IT. We turn IT software into strategic tools by driving design, implementation, customization, development, integration, support across disciplines – delivered as ONE SOLUTION ^

At Arribatec, we focus on creating the world’s best, scalable digital solution across IT disciplines. A single solution empowers our customers to ask and answer complex questions without requiring them to master engineering. 

Arribatec One Solution is entirely flexible and customizable. We solve cases across IT disciplines – from cloud infrastructure, ERP systems and business management to enterprise architecture, hospitality management and maritime operations.

One Solution allows businesses to redesign and revise their operating models, enabling distributed decision making across organizations and building innovative digital foundations.  

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“Arribatec’s One Solution is a unique, disruptive solution in the cloud-computing SaaS value chain with easy integration & implementation with other solutions”

Why One Solution? ^

Complex digital technologies require humans to implement and manage operational scale. Software and domain workforce remains a challenge for most enterprise organizations. Siloed initiatives result in redundancies, wasted time and money, and missed opportunities that maximize the value of information.

To overcome these challenges and ensure that data-enabling IT architectures can drive enterprise value, software products must collaborate with solutions & services to create a capability-aligned view of work flows across organizations. One solution is a one-stop choice to achieve maximum impact and value from investments in logistics, finance, supply chain, and IT operations. It requires a holistic view of critical business functions from strategy through process design and technology enablement. 

We’ve built our impressive interdisciplinary team that includes more than 400 of the best software developers, industry professionals from all over the world. Together, we have built Arribatec One Solution, a software & consultancy package that empowers companies across verticals to extract value from their wealth of existing architectures by transforming it into useful information.

Because efficient architectures should power organizations, allowing teams to create and innovate.  

With Arribatec One Solution, forward-thinking companies like Aker BP, Equinor, and Avinor have begun to utilize their data strategically, helping them achieve goals such as reducing inefficiencies, optimizing operations, and transforming business models. 

Want to know how to reach your business' full potential, all in one neat solution?

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