The importance of a people-centric ERP solution

Leaders need to truly make people the priority, filling the workplace with tools and technology that allows employees to feel valued, to feel that the belong to the company and to give them purpose.

Several studies and news articles show that people are the most valuable asset of any organisation. This has always been true, but nowadays, amidst the so-called Great Resignation, it is something businesses cannot forget about.

Leaders need to make people the priority, filling the workplace with tools and technology that allows employees to feel valued and that they belong to the company and give them purpose. The ‘people first’ approach should be championed at every level of the organisation.

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Then, how can technology help achieve this people-centricity? Prioritising the implementation of solutions that help your employees do meaningful work. When thinking about change, you can reflect on how that change will help your staff. Most businesses look at Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions as a way to evolve and grow profits. Still, ERP systems also offer a wide range of human resource functions and, ultimately, other tools that will help automate tasks, allowing faster response times and waste reduction, which in the end, improves the efficiency of and quality of your staff members.

Holger Mueller, a principal analyst at Constellation, has summarised in ERP Today the four strategies for companies to become people-centric:

  1. Deliver more human outcomes
  2. Reimagine processes with a human-first mentality
  3. Empower people leaders to deliver more humanity
  4. Create a human-centric operating platform

It is essential not to forget that despite having the best technology, people are behind them, and they are the final product. All solutions that your company might implement should focus on serving people who think like people and will make them more efficient and productive.

At Arribatec, we firmly believe that having a people-centric ERP is paramount for any organisation to succeed, and that is one of the reasons we partner with Unit4. Unit4 ERPx is an example of the new modular ERP application focusing on the people’s experience across an organisation.

Last month, The Constellation ShortLists™, which examines vendors in particular markets from the perspective of early adopters, was published. Our partner Unit4 was mentioned in two categories: Service-Centric Cloud ERP and Enterprise Applications Platforms.

Both categories complement each other and consider different criteria from financial aspects to HR or Human Capital Management. These Constellations’ categories recognised what we have been seeing over the last years; Unit4 is one of the most prominent players in the scene of people-centric ERP solutions.

Ultimately, if decision-makers prioritise people-centric solutions, they will give their staff better workplaces and systems that provide for their needs. This will become a win-win situation for all parts of the business.

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