Governance model with Iselin S. Nordal Arribatec
Nordal's expertise lies in the realm of corporate governance and business process management. This week, we chatted with her to get a sneak peek of her thoughts going into conference in London, on the 3.- 6. of June.

Exploring perspectives on Governance at Europe’s biggest EA & BPM Conference

Iselin S. Nordal, Director of Consultancy & Advisory in Arribatec EA & BPM, is invited to attend the Enterprise Architecture and BPM Conference Europe 2024 expert panel hosted by IRM UK.

Her mission: Sharing our unique insights on governance, and how we empower organisations to build inclusive and sustainable governance structures.

Governance model with Iselin S. Nordal ArribatecIselin S. Nordal, Director of Consultancy & Advisory in Arribatec EA & BPM

Together with Enterprise Architecture Senior Consultant in STC, Omar Aljubair, and BRSdata founder and principal Vanessa Lam, the IRM UK panel debate promises a rich and truly global discussion on how to attain good governance in today’s digital age.

Nordal’s expertise lies in corporate governance and business process management. This week, we chatted with her to get a sneak peek of her thoughts on attending the conference in London from June 3 to 6.

Governance in today’s business landscape

Governance is defined as the process of making and enforcing decisions. While traditionally, governance regimes have focused on the latter part of this definition—“enforcement,” Iselin believes that organisations would benefit from focusing more on the former.

In short, organisations must balance their “carrots and sticks” to succeed with their governance regimes. To do so, any governance regime must be well-orchestrated and “fit-for-organisation.” As organisational cultures differ, one cannot simply copy a successful governance regime from one organisation to another, while it may be very tempting sometimes. Additionally, changes in governance regimes — as with any other change — require a proper change management strategy to succeed.


From Norway to the UK: Highlighting our distinctive approach to governance

The knowledge that Arribatec’s EA & BPM team have obtained through 30 years of experience in the Nordic region will also be one of the hot topics of the debate, according to Nordal. Arribatec originates from Norway, headquartered in Oslo, and serves over 1700 organisations globally.

Q: How will you and Arribatec’s governance perspective distinguish itself in the debate?

We see distinctions and differences between cultures and governance structures across regions. I believe that Norway has quite a unique approach to its governance structures and regimes due to its comparatively flat organizational structure, informal workplace culture, and holistic view of management and governance.

Hence, some of our lessons learned about “good governance” – and the success factors needed to achieve it, may be very transferrable on “the international stage”.

Specifically, I’m thinking about the need for clear leadership and alignment of different governance elements to ensure holistic governance regimes and appropriate change management strategies. Others, perhaps not so much?

mind-map of success factors for good governance Iselin’s mind map of success factors for good governance

I’m really looking forward to exploring the success factors of good governance further with my co-panellists, as they bring competence and experience from working with governance in MENA and America.

Q: Other things you’re excited about for the IRM UK conference?

To be honest, there are so many things that it’s quite hard to pick!

One of our cherished clients, Vår Energi, has been recognised as a finalist for the 2024 Best Practice Award, and naturally, we’re beyond excited to cheer them on when the award winner is announced on the 3rd!

I am also really looking forward to getting new perspectives and inspiration on Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Management from other practitioners. As Europe’s largest conference on these topics, I am sure there will be many valuable lessons to learn and take back home to ensure that our consulting and advisory services continue to stay up-to-date and relevant for our clients!


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