RamBase ^

The best ERP-choice for industrial- and wholesale companies

RamBase is a cloud-based ERP solution that helps businesses within manufacturing and distribution gain control over their entire value chain, from sales to production to delivery.

Built on a future-proof platform, RamBase is a flexible cloud ERP system with rich industry features delivered by certified partners with extensive industry knowledge like Arribatec.

Rambase ERP for industrial
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Rambase ERP for industrial companies
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Why get RamBase from Arribatec? ^

One Solution, customised for your industry

RamBase is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) product by default – but Arribatec offers the ERP system as Solution-as-a-service (SolaaS), reducing up-front implementation costs and risks.

Based upon joint industry pains and issues, we deliver RamBase ERP readily implemented and integrated with other market-leading software.

Get started with a cloud-based ERP system tailored for your industry ^

Pick and choose your ERP modules ^

RamBase Cloud ERP has all the business processes you need to manage your manufacturing or wholesale business. You get all our modules for the same price – it’s up to you which ones you choose to use. Find all Rambase modules here.

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Sales - From Lead to Customer Renewals

Gain control of the actual value of your offers by letting your Sales ERP system fully control all registered opportunities, the value of your total pipe, your hit rate, and your lead quality. RamBase Cloud ERP Sales offers support to a complete sales pipe which stretches from working with ‘cold’ opportunities to following up your backlog and deliveries with a very high level of control. 

Procurement - Run procurement processes faster

Whether your purchase need derives from a sales order, customer forecast, internal or external production work order, or to assure the correct minimum stock quantity level – RamBase Cloud ERP Procurement Module has streamlined, and automated processes that ensure all needs are met and handled together. 

Manage your supplier relationship in a user-friendly interface with all the necessary information and purchase history saved. Improve cost savings by introducing configurable spend management rules to ensure that purchases comply with your procurement policy.

Production - Complexity made simple

RamBase can handle multiple manufacturing options, giving you complete control over everything from warehouse location, delivery status and shortages in stock. Integrated processes give you complete control of all supplier purchases and correspondence with suppliers, and this information is available throughout the production process. The updated status on each product is available on the plan level, giving you complete control of what you need to do to deliver the product as planned.