Instipro ^

Helping institutes and research companies get full control over their projects

Based upon common industry pains, we have developed the best of breed product Instipro for project- and research driven companies.

We have further upgraded the technical platform and developed new and extended functionality with even more integrations to/from InstiPro such as ERP, Unit4 T&E and Power BI. This is what we call Instipro3.

The third version of InstiPro closely integrates with UBW Finance, offering a complete ERP-solution for your project driven company.

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Instipro3 solving common industry challenges ^

Simplifying the complex and time-consuming parts of project management

In dialogue with customers at the project- and research driven companies we often hear about common “pains” such as:

  • Lacking overview of budget and how much money is left for the specific project.
  • Finance department spend too much time to find exact revenues and expenses dedicated to different projects.
  • The figures from the key projects does not correspond with the figures in the financial accounts.
  • Missing an “estimate to complete” overview and nice status-reports to show external funding sources.
  • Both auditors and “public bodies” want to have their monthly or quarterly reports on research projects – compared to agreed frameworks and appropriations.
  • Registration of spent hours/days in the project is important, but researchers do not find the time-entry system user-friendly.
  • Financial management express long evenings with a lot of frustration – and limited trust in the project figures.

The same applies to EU projects, where the financial managers have to follow their strict requirements for formal reporting. 

Instipro adresses all these issues and simplifies the complexity.

Want to get full control with Instipro for budgeting and project management?

Project management ^

Get a complete overview of all projects in relation to agreed frameworks and allocations from different sources.

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Instipro3 Features

  • Synchronized accounting and scheduling rules on different project types
  • Several possibilities for grouping different project types with different treatment
  • Ongoing reporting on projects in accordance with several customers and sources of funding per. project
  • Project and financial accounts are automatically synchronized at all levels
  • Intuitive and very user-friendly interface with extensive use of “drill-down”
  • The system takes care of reorganisation of people and projects with departmental flexibility
  • Role-based and automatic access control
  • Users can choose between Norwegian or English language

Intuitive timekeeping

The timekeeping in InstiPro is simple and intuitive for researchers and project economists. It offers full control of timekeeping, including updating of flexi-time, holidays, overtime, overtime and various use of calendars. The timekeeping retrieves various internal prices, pro person, pro project and pro customer. Hours charged to one project are visible on the project immediately.

Flexible reporting

Instipro answers the questions “What is left of money in my project compared to the approved limits?”

Flexible query and reporting options to follow-up accrued costs and income for different periods versus budget per. months / quarter / year and so far in the project. The screen also shows several other options for querying and reporting important project data.