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Daniel Zorzi, Enterprise Architect at QualiWare help us delve into the world of enterprise architecture and explain the main features and benefits of the EA tool from QualiWare.

Interview with Daniel Zorzi, Enterprise Architect at QualiWare

QualiWare has many use areas, including an industry-leading Enterprise Architecture (EA) tool that holistically maps your business, ensuring alignment from end to end. Sitting down with Daniel Zorzi, Enterprise Architect at QualiWare, we delved into the enterprise architecture world as well as the features and benefits of the EA tool.

By working in the space of strategy to execution, organisations that architect their business in QualiWare can make informed decisions regarding their business and IT landscape. Arribatec has been a QualiWare partner since 1994, helping complex organisations implement and utilise the tool to achieve their goals faster.

With Zorzi’s extensive experience and deep understanding of the EA field, this article shares insights into the features of the EA tool, its competitive edge in the market, and how the collaboration with Arribatec provides added value to clients.

Table of Contents:

  1. What are the main features of QualiWare’s EA tool?
  2. What are the key benefits to expect from implementing QualiWare?
  3. How does the Arribatec x QualiWare partnership benefit your business?
  4. How can QualiWare help address common challenges?
  5. Key trends and opportunities in the Enterprise Architecture field

1: The main features of QualiWare’s EA tool

What are the main features of QualiWare’s EA tool and how does it differentiate from other systems currently in the market?

“One of the main differentiators of QualiWare is its robust Collaboration Suite. Collaboration is at the heart of QualiWare and addresses one of the main inhibitors of establishing Enterprise Architecture by ensuring organisational buy-in of an enterprise tool. By enabling the whole business to co-create the enterprise collaboratively, responsibility and ownership become things that have meaning with QualiWare.

We often see that people in organisations appreciate having something they are responsible for to co-create something more significant rather than a governing IT body that acts independently from the rest of the organisation. This is a crucial part of co-creating organisational alignment from strategy to execution.

Qualiware EA tool system design framework enterprise architecture

Another key differentiator for QualiWare is its innovative mindset, which, according to Gartner’s 2023 Magic Quadrant for EA tools, is reflected in some of QualiWare’s unique features not offered by other vendors in the market. Gartner highlights features such as AI for diagram modelling, a text-to-model feature, EDGY Enterprise Design framework support, and unique 2D and 3D visualisations of the connected business operations as key differentiating features.”

2: Key benefits to expect when implementing QualiWare

As an Enterprise Architect at QualiWare, you have a deep understanding of our product and its capabilities. Could you highlight some of the key benefits that organisations can expect to gain from implementing QualiWare within their operations?

“With the right approach and mindset, organisations will see a much more precise alignment of different parts of their operations. QualiWare’s architecting capability allows for structured management of unmanageable organisational data that often sits in spreadsheets to be organised and utilised for data-driven decision-making. This may help organisations reduce costs on IT assets, ensure strategic alignment and enhance business operations to fit goals, strategy, and compliance.

Making connectivity across domains actionable is at the heart of Enterprise Architecture, and QualiWare makes these connections actionable and analysable to understand your organisation of today and create your organisation of tomorrow.”

3: How the Arribatec x QualiWare partnership benefit your business

How does the partnership and collaboration with Arribatec enhance the value for the client, and what synergies do you see between our two companies?

“The partnership between Arribatec and QualiWare facilitates a unique relationship of practical insights and industry-leading technology. The insights that Arribatec gathers from local knowledge and practical experiences facilitate the information that enhances QualiWare’s innovative mindset and core capability – of agility and innovation – to support industry needs.

When experts from Arribatec gather knowledge from practical experience, enablers, and inhibitors in using the EA tool, QualiWare can be agile and transform alongside the needs of the end-user – ultimately enhancing the product that the customer receives to ensure relevancy combined with innovation and industry-leading technology.”

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4: How QualiWare helps battle challenges

In your experience working closely with clients, what are some common challenges they face in their enterprise architecture initiatives, and how does QualiWare help address these challenges?

“We often see clients struggle with creating organisational buy-in in using an enterprise tool. While no tool can solve Digital Transformation, QualiWare provides an intuitive and user-friendly platform that facilitates organisation-wide alignment of the business and IT landscape, making everyone in the business a part of building the business.

By stepping away from silos, QualiWare will assist organisations in accelerating Digital Transformation. It is pivotal for organisations that wish to adopt EA that the champions of the tool and practice can communicate the value of EA and engage stakeholders from across the organisations.

  • QualiWare’s robust collaboration suite makes co-creating organisational data easy across all business units. We often see that the involvement of people from across the business is essential in getting the best data and ensuring that the organisation’s strategic goals align with the people who make up all business areas. Once organisations start architecting their business, they will see that their business and strategic decisions become data-driven rather than opinion-based. Ultimately, QualiWare’s robust collaboration suite enables the collaboration of EA rather than having EA created by a siloed IT department.
  • EA is, in essence, about knowledge sharing. You want the data from the root itself to get the best knowledge. This is why collaboration in EA efforts must be top of mind – and QualiWare can assist in integrating EA as a culture rather than a siloed IT project.”

Qualiware EA tool system design framework enterprise architecture

Illustration: Screenshot from the enterprise design module

5: Key trends and opportunities in the Enterprise Architecture field

Looking towards the future, do you see key trends and opportunities in the field of EA, and how is QualiWare, together with Arribatec, positioned to act on them to benefit our customers further?

“The future for EA holds various exciting trends. Technology trends such as AI have lately been one of the primary focuses. An increased organisational focus on Digital Transformation, Digital Twins, IT security or cloud-only strategies is more relevant than ever. More so, market dynamics will also impact the needs of the practice. With an increased focus on Sustainability, EA tools will need to evolve alongside the external marketplace.

With innovation and agility as core capabilities, QualiWare constantly evolves alongside industry needs and market trends to ensure relevancy for its end users.

Combined with a continuous effort to include relevant frameworks and modelling notations, QualiWare is currently expanding in the space of Sustainability. While QualiWare already has out-of-the-box capabilities that support the UN Global Compact and UN Sustainable Development Goals, QualiWare is continuously working to support the integration of sustainable strategies or regulations into the organisation’s fabric and allowing Sustainability considerations to be tied to IT, operations, and business strategy.

Qualiware Enterprise Architect (EA) tool system

The AI boom is here to stay. As an early adopter of AI for diagram modelling, QualiWare’s vision is to remain the industry leader in this endeavour. The future of AI in Enterprise Architecture will include architecture optimisation, decision support, knowledge sharing and much more. QualiWare’s current AI capabilities and early adoption make the tool well-equipped to embrace these industry needs and technology-enabled possibilities.

Lastly, including frameworks such as EDGY in designing enterprises will become increasingly relevant. Including an outside view of the organisation may be pivotal for Enterprise Architects in creating an organisation with intent. Brand identity, architecture, and experience are considered holistically when imagining the organisation’s current and future state. The future of enterprise architecture will see an increase in the acknowledgement of both the soft and hard systems needed to create a meaningful enterprise.”

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