GDPR Portal & Consultancy^

Convert legal complexity into a guided process - get GDPR compliant

Get a solid GDPR introduction and continuous follow-up from the start.You don’t want an empty software. We help with GDPR and assist you throughout the entire process from start.

With an complete mapping of all the privacy data in the company, a proper to-do list and the functionality from our GDPR Portal, you have all the tools needed to comply with the privacy regulations as resource-efficiently as possible.

We guide you through the landscape of GDPR mines and ensure that you are covered in all aspects. The simplest and most affordable way to comply with the EU GDPR – get DPA advice delivered by independent DPOs and cyber security experts.

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Why choose Arribatec for GDPR? ^

Simplifying complexity in the GDPR landscape

We are always updated on the EU regulations and have extensive experience in helping other Enterprises and SMB’s comply with the EU GDPR law. Our consultants have over 18 years in the field and they are all passionate about making GDPR manageable, affordable and interesting for our customers.

Our Compliance Team loves to solve complex cases and is here to calm your nerves by making legal complexity simple and useful. Utilize the knowledge from our Senior Certified Cloud Administrator & GDPR Consultants. We also have a Certified Data Protection Officer on our team. 

We offer Privacy as a Solution.

Want help getting your business GDPR compliant?

Get help with GDPR Data Protection ^

If you want to make the GDPR process easier and a little more fun, you should choose Arribatec for mapping and assistance. We help you understand your legal and regulatory obligations.

Our tools facilitate the work and enable you to work efficiently towards new requirements. We also have a web development team that can make your company website GDPR compliant in no time.

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GDPR Mapping & Audit - How compliant is the business today?

Compliance is critical to avoiding the Regulation’s penalties. A data protection audit will determine whether your controls, policies and procedures meet the requirements of the GDPR and DPA 2018 and, if not, where they need to be improved.

Do you want to know if your business is compliant today? Book an assessment of your company we help with your data mapping in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation. Have you not yet started and need to get an overview? Our GDPR-consultants will help map your data flows to assess privacy risks.

GDPR mapping from Arribatec includes:

  • Basis for treatment
  • Requirements for deletion of information
  • Reuse of personal information
  • Use of the data processor agreement in practice
  • Duty to notify and license
  • Privacy Officer
  • Monitoring of employees, eg access to e-mail
    GDPR in relation to their website
  • Establishment and maintenance of measures necessary to meet the requirements of the regulations.
    ICT contracts and documentation procedures
  • Regulatory assessment and explanation when choosing a cloud service and other third-party providers
  • Choice of contract form with suppliers

Step-by-step Action Plan

Do you want a complete step-by-step roadmap that is easy to follow and that guides you through the dynamic data protection landscape? We will design an action plan for your entire company so you know exactly what to do, how and when. The ‘gdpr recipe’ will be completely tailored to your business.

A GDPR action plan from Arribatec includes:

1. Mapping

Together, we uncover the company’s current status of compliance and risk associated with the privacy claim. You get a complete action plan for the future with step by step work processes.

2. Implementation

We help you get started. With the help of the GDPR Portal, you are ready to implement through simple descriptions of requirements and relevant templates. Includes employee training.

3. Maintenance

The portal contributes to GDPR remaining a focus area in the business after implementation. The portal is continuously updated so that you always possess knowledge that ensures further follow-up.

Be compliant while saving resources

The portal is strong documentation, ready for inspections. Target your resources and let yourself focus on only the necessary requirements so you avoid manual operations.

The GDPR Portal

A useful tool where all documentation is structured and step by step processes make life a little easier. Gives you a simple overview at the request of the customer or the Data Inspectorate. This tool simplifies the data flow mapping exercise, giving you a thorough understanding of what personal data your organisation processes and why, where it is held and how it is transferred.

The portal designs a guide by asking you various questions. Based on your answers, the portal identifies tasks to comply with GDPR law. Everything is explained in easy-to-understand language, and you get access to templates and checklists that make your documentation process easier. By using the templates, the company is ensured control over everything from data processor agreements and consents, to contingency plans and information policies.

Data Processor Agreement Templates

Obtain the necessary templates, properly designed and adapted to your company in accordance with the Data Inspectorate’s EU regulations.

GDPR courses & online training

We offer tailored courses to help you or your employees to simplify the privacy process. Learn more about our Data Protection Courses in our Training Center.

Customized Cookie Robot and Privacy Policy

Obtain the necessary consent to the use of cookies on the company’s website with our cookie robot. Overview of all cokkies and explicit consent. Get ready-made privacy statements that contain all the necessary information about pixels, custom audience, deletion procedures, uses and consent, etc.

We offer guidance across the company’s channels. We can design and program the necessary declarations on your contact forms, websites, apps, etc. as well as offer licensing of Cookiebot. With Cookiebot, cookie reporting, monitoring and collection of consent is completely automated.

Pricing for GDPR Data Protection

We have flexible prices and want to give you a pricing model that fits your budget. Submit your email at the bottom of the page, get a review and a no-obligation quote right away. We help you get to the goal of the GDPR work and are happy to take a meeting to help the company get started.

Do you want to read about the legislation? See the Data Inspectorate’s requirements for the business.