Celebrating Women at Arribatec

We embrace diversity in many different ways. Gender equality is something very close to our heart and we are working hard to break the bias.

This year’s International Women’s Day focus and theme is ‘Break the bias’. There are different missions during the year, but one that resonates highly with us “to elevate and advance gender parity in technology and celebrate the women forging innovation”. 

At Arribatec, we look at diversity as our greatest asset. We embrace diversity in terms of age, gender, nationality and experience as we believe diverse teams has the best means to uncover opportunities and ensure customer success.

women at arribatec

We have taken this opportunity to do a round of questions and answers with some women working at our company: Trude Halvorsen, CEO Arribatec Americas based in North America; Caterina Giudotti, Marketing Manager based in Italy; Nuria Criado Muñoz, Business Services Consultant based in Spain; and Jacelyn Tay, Senior Consultant based in Malaysia.

Can you tell us a little bit about you and what do you do at Arribatec?

Nuria: I’m Nuria, I’m 26 years old and I live in Granada. I’ve studied Chemical Engineering and I’m doing a master’s degree in Food Quality Management. In Arribatec I’m working as a Business Services Consultant, that is not my background at all, but I think this is the point, we’re all different and can give many ideas and points of view from our knowledge!

Caterina: I am in charge of the Marketing department of Arribatec Marine division, but I don’t miss the chance to support the other verticals as well. Creating contents and new promotional initiatives to achieve Arribatec vision is my daily bread – and I love carbs!

Trude: I am the CEO of Arribatec Americas and am an experienced executive with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. My educational background is Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Information Technology, and a Master of Business. On a personal level, I am very active with hiking, skiing, and various sports. I have a great passion for animals and have had multiple rescue dogs.

Jacelyn: I began my career in Accounting Services Professional for more than 10 years of experience in position of increasing responsibility and duties. Thereafter, I have made a decision to change the positing and moving forward as a Software Consultant were combining strong analytical skills in delivering ERP systems to meet customer requirements and needs. I’m currently as Senior Consultant at Arribatec. My job responsibilities consist of provide consulting services to customer which included to understand customer’s process and configure applications, produce configuration documents and user manuals, perform Integrated System Testing and deliverables, assist in post implementation support and problem solving.


What gets you excited to come to work at Arribatec every day?

Trude: My staff and their commitment to serve our customers professionally and with best solution possible.

Caterina: No day is the same in Arribatec. Working with so many people from different cultures is so inspirational and never boring. I find Arribatec’s dynamic working environment very exciting and stimulating.

Jacelyn: The nature of the job is challenging, it exciting for me.

Nuria: The idea of helping people, and learn something new both from my colleagues and the customers, every day is a new adventure! I think my work is very challenging.

Celebrating women at arribatec
Celebrating women at arribatec

How would you say your career has been enhanced by working at Arribatec?

Jacelyn: In Arribatec, there are many senior and experienced colleagues. When faced with difficulties, they will provide guidance to me. I can learn valuable experience from them, this help will help in my career enhancement.

Nuria: On the basis that I didn’t know anything about consultancy and the ERP we work with, this is the most rewarding for me. I think my learning curve has grown very quickly and now I know so many things that were unknown for me four months ago.

Caterina: Working at Arribatec gives me the chance to work on different kind of projects, focused on different markets and targets. This helps me in watching my main market of reference (the Maritime one) from another perspective. It’s an added value.

Trude: Had an opportunity to expand my global network and work together in different cultures.


Can you name something that Arribatec is doing to ‘Break the bias’?

Caterina: Well, I work in a complete multicultural “pink” marketing department. If it does not break the bias, it makes a lot of noise.

Jacelyn: Arribatec is a global service provider. Although we may live in a different country and have different accents in Arribatec, there are no prejudice against us based on different accents.

Trude: Arribatec has female Country Managers on two different continents.

Nuria: I think that in Arribatec men and women are given the same opportunities, and we are given the visibility we deserve.

Celebrating women at arribatec
Celebrating women at arribatec

What’s your International Women’s Day message?

Trude: Strive to do what you want to do! Make a difference!

Caterina: There’s no “Women’s day”: there is no need to celebrate a day to remind us of what has been taken away from women up to now or how much women can be worth compared to men. Gender exist only insofar as gender roles exist.

Nuria: Make your dreams always be bigger than your fears

Jacelyn: Be brave when you are doing the right thing.

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