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So far this year we have welcomed 45 new colleagues to Arribatec, to celebrate we have had a talk with some of them to get to know them better and why they joined Arribatec!


The first half of 2022 has been a time of continued growth for Arribatec, and we are proud to have welcomed a total of 45 new colleagues to our team so far this year, and we can’t wait to meet the 17 people starting right after summer!  With this abundance of new knowledge, talent and expertise in our hands we’re excited to continue our ambitious journey and continue growing.

We have always believed our people is our greatest asset, and that the best teams consists of people with diverse backgrounds, expertise and experience. Last year we perpetuated this belief by making sure it was a focus point in our values, mission, goals and overall strategy going forward.

With an increasing number of exciting clients who wants to work with us we are constantly looking for new talent to join our enthusiastic and passionate team of software engineers, developers, project managers and consultants. Check out our open positions on our careers page if you would like to become a part of our team too!

I’ve had a talk with some of our new colleagues, on why they chose Arribatec and on what they feel about being here now – get to know Beatriz, Usman, Ingela, Iván, Vilde & Sigurd!


In the graph above you can see the distribution of our new colleagues, including 17 people joining us in August and September. 

Arribatec Business Services has clearly grown the most with 31 new colleagues across 6 countries. Arribatec EA & BPM follows with 17 new faces in Stavanger and Oslo, Arribatec Cloud with 9 new colleagues in Hamar and Bergen, Arribatec Hospitality with 4 new colleagues in Oslo, and Arribatec Marine and Arribatec Group with 1 each, respectively in Bergen and Oslo. 

Iván Gámez Fuentes

Software Developer, Business Services, Spain

With a master degree in history and experience as a teacher, Iván might not be the typical software developer – but the heart wants what the heart wants. With a passion, commitment and a diploma in app development, Iván joined Arribatec in March as a Software Developer.

“Since my first day here, I realized this was more than a regular job; this is a place to keep learning and getting to know new people, creating new bonds and making things easier every day.”

MicrosoftTeams-image (49)

Ingela Mandl

Sales Manager, Marine, Norway

With 17 years of experience in the maritime industry and profound expertise within Sales and Key Account Management, B2B, Business Development, Marketing & Strategic Planning, Ingela joined Arribatec Marine in the last quarter of 2021. Her international experience and knowledge makes her a great resource in our global company.


“There are two megatrends in the maritime industry: decarbonization and digitalization. The Arribatec Marine Product portfolio ties these nicely together, and offers the market what I consider to be the most important of all components a shipowner needs for decarbonizing the fleet, a centralized data system giving insight in the vessels carbon intensity on multiple levels.

A challenge with digitalization is that the customers at some point gets stuck with an array of different service providers with different systems that are not integrated. In such cases the customers capture data, but they are unable to properly utilize the data to drive business, processes and change efficiently. Arribatec solves this, not only in the maritime sector, but for many other sectors as well, through the ‘one-solution’ concept which I strongly believe in.”

Vilde Bolstad

Business Consultant, EA & BPM, Norway

Throughout her education Vilde has worked within sales, recruitment and consulting, this in addition to her masters degree within information systems and digital business systems makes her a great addition to our EA & BPM advisory team. Vilde joined Arribatec in June 2022. 

“The scope of what we deliver makes Arribatec an exciting employer as we work with management systems and consulting that creates value in enabling our customers to create even more value. Being able to arrange for a customer to take the company’s strategy over to a very specific execution is a very exciting journey to be a part of.

I chose Arribatec because it is clear that they see their employees as their most important resource. During my recruitment process everyone I talked to said that they feel that Arribatec genuinely wants to develop its employees, something I have already experienced during my first month. It is a meaningful job where you get to develop your own mindset and yourself as a person in the process.

That fact that Arribatec is in such an exciting growth phase made me want to be part of this journey with them. Based on their values and how they include the employees, I really feel that I have the opportunity to contribute, which gives me a lot of ownership in what I do.”

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Beatriz Santos

Marketing Manager, Business Services, Spain

Beatriz Santos joined us in February 2022 with more than 15 years of experience in the New Zealand, the UK and Spanish markets in her pocket. With extensive understanding of SaaS Marketing as well as B2B strategic marketing planning, and a wide skillset within everything B2B marketing Beatriz is now an invaluable resource in our Marketing Department.


“Arribatec is a great place to work. It is very exciting to be part of growing company that support its employees and it feels amazing when we achieve difficult projects together. One of the greatest things of being part of a growing company is the big scope for innovation and ownership, something that in marketing is a real perk!

I feel that having a global and supporting team is a bonus, as we get to know more about other cultures. I love that relationships between colleagues are based on respect and care about one another. I have been here for 6 months already, my team is located all over Europe (but very tight!) and I feel very settled and happy I’m an Arribatecer”

Sigurd Fyllingsnes

Senior Consultant, Cloud, Norway

From engineering and consulting to rental of photo booths, Sigurd clearly has a varied and experienced background. With a desire to learn more about technology and cloud-solutions he has taken on his new role at Arribatec Cloud with eagerness and curiosity.

“I got interested in Arribatec Cloud as an employer because they use the latest technology within cloud solutions. I have previously worked with server solutions at hospitals but wanted to develop myself in new technology such as Azure, Kubernetes, MS Defender and Datadog.

Arribatec Cloud Bergen has a dispersed customer group that presents various challenges. I enjoy working here and feel that I get to develop professionally; I´ve actually been certified within Azure and Datadog.”


Usman Hashim

UX Designer, Hospitality, Norway

Usman has a bachelor’s degree in software engineering and is currently pursuing a part time master’s degree in Universal Design of ICT at OsloMet. In his earlier career Usman worked as a full-stack java application developer, with UX research, and product design. At Arribatec Hospitality he will be working on solving user experience challenges with the design team.

MicrosoftTeams image 47 Medium

“I met Bendik Kristiansen (Chief Design Officer, Arribatec Hospitality) and he started to explain the different hospitality solutions that Arribatec Hospitality is developing, and this really sparked my interests. So, I applied for a job, and now I’m here. I love traveling and I often come across some challenges that I really want to solve as a Product Designer.

I will be widely focusing upon the user experience, testing, and observing users how they interact with the digital solutions. Then identify the challenges and ultimately design solutions that solve these problems and offer our users the best experience, and of course the best customer experience as well.”

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