Unit4 ERP

An integrated and scalable solution with Unit4 ERP as the core engine in your business.

As a recognized Unit4 Elite Partner since 2020, with deep expertise across industries and a number of years of successful implementations, we are the natural choice when looking for a Unit4 partner.

We simplify the path to the goal of your business by implementing, adapting, maintaining and supporting the entire corporate landscape with ERP as the core engine.

We integrate it with our proprietary solutions and other market-leading systems, such as Power BI and Hypergene, to provide better operational support and insight than a simple ERP system does.

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Unit4 Enterprise Resource Planning

Arribatec offers expertise in Unit4 ERP for private and public enterprises.

By implementing Unit4 ERP, you get a solution that is sustainable for many years. Arribatec’s main focus is to implement solutions that are scalable, and that allow for changes when needed. The solution will ensure high efficiency and reduce the need for manual routines.

Whether you need advice on your current systems or want to explore new directions, our advisors and developers will assist you throughout the process.

Unit4 Business World, Unit4 ERP or Agresso - whatever you call it, our consultants can help you ^

Unit4 ERP solutions for industries ^

Unit4 for Professional Services

We empower Professional Services by delivering Unit4 ERP solutions that embrace the changes and allow your growth strategy to go hand in hand with project success.

Unit4 for Public Sector

At Arribatec we partner with Unit4 to offer you an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that will replace outdated legacy systems and improve your service for your people.

Unit4 for Higher Education

Unit4 ERP is the leading Enterprise Resource Planning software for Higher Education, as a fully integrated education solution that adapts to the uniqueness of the Higher Education institutions.

Unit4 for Non-profits

Choosing Unit4 ERP for NGO's can help your organization run more efficiently, be more appealing to donors, and in general, focus more on your mission and do more good.

Unit4 advisory ^

Knowledge of you and your business is an important prerequisite for being able to offer relevant advice.

Arribatec’s consultants possess both breadth and depth expertise within their respective subject areas. This, combined with long experience in the practical use of the Unit4 ERP software with many different customers, means that Arribatec can offer high quality to its consultants.

Our consultants are able to look up and offer advice that extends beyond the day-to-day management and operation of Unit4 ERP. With Arribatec, you must be confident that the assistance is always professionally based.


Unit4 Health check

A health check is a condition analysis that maps your company’s use and setup of Unit4 ERP.

Not everyone makes full use of Unit4 ERP’s potential. Unit4 ERP is a feature-rich system that is continuously developed. There are regular changes and new effective solutions for the software. But it can be challenging as a customer in a busy day to stay up to date on news.

Many customers have also used Unit4 ERP over a long period of time. What was a smart solution a few years ago no longer has to be the most efficient way to use Unit4 ERP today. Here, a health check can contribute to a better utilization of Unit4 ERP in your business.

Get a health check of Unit4

System integration & customisation of Unit4 ERP

Development and establishment of integrations between different subject systems is a separate focus area at Arribatec and we want to be your preferred integration partner.

We have broad and extensive experience in developing integrations between Unit4 ERP and other professional systems. Arribatec has great faith in and good experience of combining technical and professional expertise in this context.

A skilled technical consultant, who masters the standard integration tools in Unit4 ERP, in close collaboration with a professional consultant, who knows the professional requirements, is in our opinion a basic prerequisite for success with the integration work.

Talk to us about Unit4 integrations and customisation

Unit4 Add-ons

Arribatec has developed additional solutions for Unit4 ERP to further enrich and complement the solution. The following solutions are integrated with Unit4 ERP:

Expertise in Unit4 ERP and customized training of employees in companies that want to stay up to date on new functions. Unit4 ERP is a feature-rich system that is continuously developed. This means that there are regular new features and updates that you will want to stay up to date on.

Arribatec offers customized training in Unit4 ERP. We can guide you and your employees in how you can use the system in the best possible way. We can also assist your business with training new employees. This is to increase the competence of Unit4 ERP and ensure that the new employee gets to work quickly.

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Application management

Through extensive experience with Unit4 ERP as an application as well as our experience with operation and management of various customers’ installations, Arribatec has developed its own operations monitoring service, Application Performance Management (APM).

In the APM service, Arribatec takes responsibility for keeping your Unit4 ERP installation up to date with the latest version of the software. In addition to this, we monitor and monitor the application with all ongoing processes on the Unit4 ERP installation. Tuning and monitoring of the database is also central to the service. This, combined with proactive and automated alerts and ongoing reporting, ensures the best possible performance of Unit4 ERP for your business

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