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Help your institution evolve in a highly competitive world

Universities and Higher Education institutions find themselves operating in a highly competitive world that asks them to constantly evolve. To achieve that, your institution should use the best tools in the market for that.

Arribatec delivers ERP solutions that embrace the changes, allowing your institution to grow and putting students and staff first, allowing you to achieve educational and research mastery.

Unit4 ERP is the leading Enterprise Resource Planning software for the Education sector, being a fully integrated education solution that adapts to the uniqueness of the Higher Education institutions with powerful tools to manage staff and students as well as all the commercial capabilities to allow informed decision-making. In addition to this, Unit4 offers a specific module for Student Management that enables universities to automate the entire student cycle.

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Arribatec Group now tops the list of Unit4’s partners worldwide. For the second year in a row, since Unit4 released the new partnership program, Arribatec has been named Elite partner. We have also moved from ‘Breakthrough partner of the year 2020’ to ‘Sales Growth partner of the year 2021’

At Arribatec we work with leading institutions in the sector. Our consultants have more than 25 years of experience implementing Unit4 solutions and have worked on many different projects, allowing us to offer industry-specific knowledge that matches your requirements.

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Why partner with Arribatec for implementing your ERP solution?

Arribatec offers your organization unbeatable industry expertise. Our consultants have been working with universities and higher education institutions for more than 25 years.

At Arribatec we have improved data integration. We have a set of architects and developers working as a team to ensure that the systems evolve with your institution, creating future-proof solutions.


Software solutions with universities and students in mind

Accelerate institutional growth

  • Attract and retain the best students.
  • Track the costs of your courses.
  • Adress the needs of non-traditional students.
  • Reduce cost with processes automation,
    HR self-service and the ability to leverage shared services.
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Improve institutional effectiveness

  • Optimize financial and human resource assets.
  • Automate business processes.
  • Support data-driven decision-making.
  • Transform governance with better visibility and insight into expenses.

Boost students’ success

  • Identify and intervene with at-risk students.
  • Lift graduation rates.
  • Upgrate the student experience.
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Deliver research excellence

  • Maximize research funding.
  • Create high-quality research.
  • Acquire and retain talent.

An integrated solution for Higher Education Institutions

Learn more about the solutions that Arribatec can tailor for your university.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

We deliver holistic and integrated solutions with Unit4 ERP as the core business system. We implement, customize, integrate and support these ERP systems in combination with other best-of-breed systems.

Improve your staff and students’ lives with a solution modeled for higher education institutions.

Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A)

Our team will help your organization to take an integrated approach to all your financial planning needs as well as give you clear data that can turn insight into action, for better operational budgets or forecasting sales, costs and revenue. Manage and automate all types of financial aid from recruitment to enrollment.

Human Capital Management (HCM)

Our dedicated Human Resources & Payroll team knows the processes and daily challenges of the HR department and can offer world-class advisory service.

By implementing Unit4 HCM help you optimize your people processes, simplify and increase the accuracy of your payroll, and boost the productivity, engagement and growth of your talent.

Our experts work with a broad range of business intelligence (BI) tools such as Unit4, Hypergene and Power BI to provide insight that is reliable and relevant for your organization. This translates on you getting a solution totally customized to meet your needs.

A secure cloud for your organisation

ERP cloud

Our team has excellent experience implementing ERP and understanding universities’ needs and processes. By always having post-ERP implementation changes and scalability in mind, we focus on security, performance and reduced cost for cloud options.

We make your ERP system yours, meaning that your team have full ownership of the solution and you can make changes when needed, offering you an unbeatable flexibility. We make it easy for you to transition into a cloud-based ERP.

At Arribatec, we focus, together with our customers, on finding the right mix of cloud-based software instead of pushing through one provider.

Learn more about our cloud options here.

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Unit4’s next-generation enterprise software supports our customers in delivering an exceptional People Experience to their organization and onward to their customers – from boosting success for students and professionals to empowering the public servants and nonprofit teams doing good in the world. They transform work to be more meaningful and inspiring through software that’s self-driving, adaptive and intuitive, intelligently automating administrative tasks and providing easy access to the answers people need.

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