Hypergene Webinar: Enabling better performance

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Learn more about this cloud-based solution to streamline budgeting and forecasting processes

You will see concrete examples of how you can create the conditions for increased efficiency, improved quality, and ultimately better decision-making by automating processes and involving the organisation in financial planning work.

The webinar describes planning, reporting, and analysis trends based on global reports and customer experiences. Trends that are affected include:

  • How organisations increasingly apply a holistic perspective to how they work with their planning, follow-up, and analysis.
  • Planning and managing the business has already become a job not limited to the finance department but integrated into the entire organisation.
  • Agile planning and decentralised decision-making have become increasingly crucial for managing effectively. In the webinar, we provide insights and insights based on the trends. In addition, we show how you can meet the challenges and needs that arise through tools like Hypergene.

We also tell you how you can work with rolling and dynamic planning models optimised for your particular business and work with simulations and scenario analysis. You will also see how, with Hypergene, you can connect strategic initiatives with financial planning. All to deal with an increasingly changing environment.


Mark Bloomer, UK Managing Director, Arribatec

Erik Thelander, Product Director, Hypergene

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