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Arribatec Hospitality continues to deliver extra ordinary solutions, and the new deal with Smarthotel is just another confirmation.


A declaration  

Smarthotel is a bed & breakfast concept that focuses on providing affordable accommodation with a high quality experience. They have hotels in Oslo, Tromsø, Stavanger and Hammerfest. 

– We have four criterias for success; personal service, breakfast buffet, cleanliness and “economy”, says Lars Juhl, Director of operations Smarthotel.

– When we heard that Smarthotel was looking to upgrade their Self check-in solutions we were very eager to come in contact with them. This was a big decision for the group, because it applied for the whole chain, explains Alexander Richter, Managing Director Arribatec Hospitality.

– After several meetings, demos and such – a deal was finally made. We couldn’t be more excited, this is a big declaration and it shows that we are a serious player in this Hotel technology landscape says Alexander enthusiastically.

– We just started with the hotel in Oslo, and they are the first hotel to use our newest feature that allows guests to buy breakfast straight from the check-in. This Up-sell function is not limited to buying breakfast, it could be everything from getting champagne on the room, rent a City Bike, discounted parking etc. It’s basically up to every hotel to decide what we should present in the Kiosk, says Alexander.

– This function is very important, as the hotel now can achieve greater turnover using our Kiosks. Already, we have seen a significantly increase in up-sales and we believe that this is just the beginning.

"We chose Arribatec Hospitality because of Alexander and his team, their technology and engagement for further development."

- Lars Juhl, Director of operations Smarthotel

What is next? 

Smarthotel has four hotels in Norway and are now starting on the fifth hotel, which will be in Bodø and planned for opening in the end of 2022. 

– Our ambition is to have self-service kiosks in all of our hotels, and future hotels, and to deliver a stable and safe experience for our guests, says Juhl.

– We are very excited about this project. We delivered at Smarthotel Oslo in November 2021 and will start with the other hotels in the beginning of 2022. We couldn’t be more excited to get started, says Alexander smiling.


SMARTHOTEL: Self-service kiosk at Smarthotel Oslo


From right:  Lars Juhl, Alexander Richter and Smarthosts

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