Arribatec Group completes Integra acquisition ^

arribatec acquiring Integra Associates

Arribatec Group ASA announces the completion of the acquisition of Integra Associates, UK’s longest-standing global elite partner of Unit4, to create the world’s largest provider of Unit 4 ERP services and solutions.

The UK-based ERP company, with its team of 45 highly competent resources, will be part of the Arribatec Business Services vertical, bringing 25 years of valuable expertise and experience directly to the heart of the Norwegian, multinational, stock exchange listed company.

CEO at Arribatec, Per Ronny Stav, says:

– A strong company with a solid experience like Integra, strengthens the offer and the support services guaranteed by Arribatec. The merger will bring a unique value to our customers and a priceless internal richness for our staff.

Especially in light of the recent achievement, the Developer 4U subscription program, Arribatec is able to build and develop a valuable application for customers within the Unit4 framework. 

Integra will continue to serve and support its clients from the weight of its experience and with even stronger shoulders, now that they can count on Arribatec Group resources. 

“Joining Arribatec takes Integra to the next level in terms of the expertise, services and products we can offer our customers. I am delighted and proud that we are joining of Arribatec, and look forward to what we can do for our customers together.”

- Mark Bloomer, CEO of Integra Associates

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