Our services ^

Through the combination of our self-developed software, strong partnerships and talented people, Arribatec comprises relevant and future-minded services to help your business reach its full potential. 

Arribatec Group consists of multiple technology companies, each specialized in its own segment, and together we deliver one solution for all your needs.

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Cloud & IT operations ^

Best-in-class cloud offerings where we take full responsibility for monitoring, support and management of your entire cloud landscape and tailor it to your business’ needs. Get more out of your IT investment by choosing Arribatec Cloud.

Bi analytics w

Business Intelligence ^

Secure full alignment between your business model, your business applications and decision making with the fundamentals for delivering best-in-class BI & Analytics.

Hospitality w

Hospitality ^

Powerful and futuristic software products for the hospitality sector with the sole purpose to increase customer satisfaction, reduce time wasted and reach cleanliness excellency.

Erp w


Upgrading your current ERP system or implementing a completely new one? Our consultants, developers and system architects will help you maximize your investment. After being accredited Unit4 elite partner and teaming up with Integra, we are officially the largest provider of Unit4 ERP services worldwide.

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EA & BPM ^

Handle complex organizational challenges within enterprise architecture, business process management, quality management, asset management as well as governance, risk & compliance. We provide transparency and unique insights into your business. Uncover the value buried in your data.

Software development w

Software Development ^

We help your business with innovation and tailor-made systems and softwares. Our developers will customize your existing IT solution or develop new ones were needed. Get softwares that create engagement and are easy to use. 

Marine w

Marine ^

Boosting digital transformation & innovation in the marine sector with our self-developed software to close the gap between maritime business and information technology. Get full control over your fleet and extend your vessels’ life span with Arribatec.

SolaaS - A smarter way to deliver software ^

All our services can be delivered fully implemented and integrated as a service at a fixed monthly price. The result is an agile and cost-effective solution built for the future.

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