Certify Housekeeping ^

A cloud-based tool for housekeeping management - developed by Arribatec

Covid-19 has made us all aware that compromising quality and cleanliness is no longer an option.

Certify Housekeeping by Arribatec is a daily management tool for industrial grade housekeeping departments helping you achieve corporate social responsibility and excellent customer satisfaction.

Standardize, monitor and report on how your housekeeping departments work and comply with industry recommendations. Available as standalone or integrated with your PMS solutions, such as Opera or others. 

All delivered in cloud and scalable to fit minor hotels to mega resorts, cruise ships, public buildings as well as offices independent of outsourced cleaning or in-house services.

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Digitalized cleaning and inspection processes made easy ^

Use AI and custom automation to save time, solve issues and achieve operational excellency

We tailor the software to your room types and buildings, hence defining your entire property structure. Based on the complexity and characteristics of your rooms, a norm time is set through a credit system and fed into your scheduling & planning.

All staff personnel, from GRA/Cleaner, inspectors and managers, are equipped with mobile or tablet allowing them to perform their duties and secure streamlined operation – “operational excellence in practice”. Automate your resource planning based on occupancy and GRA/cleaner’s schedules.

Voice Control ^

NEW - Save even more time with our new voice control functionality

Drive the entire cleaning process through voice control with our interactive AI assistant. The virtual assistant helps the cleaner get through the checklist quickly and with high precision, tracking the time of each task performed.
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Want to step up the housekeeping management and secure operational excellency every time?

Streamline your entire housekeeping department ^

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The Scheduling solution simplifies the planning process with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine, minimizing manual effort and streamlining your daily housekeeping activities.

Based on historical data, the AI engine will allocate rooms and areas to the different GRA/cleaners based on his/her work schedule, past performance etc. Minimized staff movements between rooms through intelligent routing logic.

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The GRA/Cleaner is equipped with a tablet or mobile and can easily see rooms and or areas allocated to them. If extraordinary effort is required, rooms can easily be traded between GRA/cleaner’s and credit adjusted.

Get a clear overview of rooms or areas allocated and guest statuses such as checked-in rooms and late check-out times. Based on historical inspections the system will automatically inform the GRA/cleaner about things to remember according earlier reported inspection divergences.

Each room is connected to a credit system based on its complexity which grants GRA/cleaner credit for its work. If extraordinary effort is required, such as trashed room, credit goal reductions can be given, and planned rooms traded to “common open” for re-allocation to a teammate.


Our insights shows that rooms close to the elevator or made by a certain GRA are more frequently inspected than others. With Ceritfy Housekeeping, you can schedule inspections and get full tracking of who inspects what. Trace number of days since inspection performed on a specific room to secure a transparent and compliant view on realities. 

Our inspection sheets are dynamically implemented to fit your specific requirements and to comply with industry standards. Inspectors will get a configurable detailed checklist to digitally report quality through the entire cleanliness process. Pictures can easily be added directly on each checkpoint by tablet or mobile.

The checklist and results are further reported back to inform the GRA/cleaners about deviations and will appear next time they clean the same room/room type. This can be used to drive training and operational excellence.

Maintenance & Service

Easy and simple defect-reporting with automatic work order creation. Connect maintenance codes to objects based on what’s inside that specific object with the possibilities to add sequences to maintenance jobs.


  • Carpets should be deep cleaned each 24th week
  • AC vent should change filters every 12th week
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Messaging & Collaboration

Increase quality and employee satisfaction through collaboration and feedback between GRA/cleaners, managers and inspectors with our integrated messaging and collaboration platform. Customize communication channels for specific topics such as general information, cleanliness, and COVID-19.

Further, this module includes a distress function. If something requires extraordinary effort or attention, the GRA/cleaner, inspector, or manager can notify the entire team at the property with one single click. Safety for you, your team members, and customers.

Reporting & Analytics

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This vital function lets you document, report and analyze process and quality in your housekeeping department. Transparently present internally and externally how you work, and the quality of the work performed.


With focus on documenting compliance and report on quality and efficiency, we set new standards for how the entire housekeeping department deliver on the vision, and more importantly, on the recommendations and standards in the industry. The structure of the system will allow you on a management or corporate level to benchmark hotels-to-hotels, or even brands-to-brands.

Support ^

We got your back when you need it

Our support teams are located in Genoa, Naples, Hamburg and in Sunrise, Florida. Each hub has expertise and is in charge of business analysis and interaction with the customer base.

We deal exclusively with issues related to the implementation and development of IT systems that support the technical department of complex and heterogeneous companies, working together with the IT Department and the Business Users. This cross competence allows us to share and enforce the best practices and knowledge acquired through our experience in multiple market sectors.

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Want to step up the housekeeping management and secure operational excellency every time?

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