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Our ‘Quality, Health, Safety & Environment module is designed to assist the crew in daily operations, and boost management decisions in ensuring compliance with corporate standards and maritime regulations among the fleet. Infoship QHSE is also tailored to satisfy all your stakeholders.

Infoship helps maritime companies improve their general performance and form integral components of sustainable development initiatives.

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Health, quality, safety & environment ^

Simplifying safety management

Infoship QHSE was previously called Infoship Quality, but it’s now more powerful with new features such as risk assessment.

For more than 35 years, Arribatec Marine has been dedicated to the design, development, and implementation of Technical Ship Management software for the asset, maintenance, and energy management of fleets. Just ask our customers:

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Safe, efficient and profitable ship operations ^

Infoship QHSE effectively reduces human errors and helps identify the root cause of incidents so you can focus on problem areas. Our software makes sure that the accident reporting procedures work and appropriate safety actions are more readily identified.

infoship quality
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Audit & Inspections

Stay “shipshape” and make a strong first impression. Enables to focus on problem areas and helps identify root cause of incidents, so that appropriate safety actions are more readily identified. Make a strong first impression during a Port State Control or Audit.

Document & Certificate Management

Documents’ transparency among seagoing and shore staff and reduce the paperwork burden. Infoship QHSE also ensures that all fleet certificates are under control at all times.

Events Reporting & Questionnaires

Encourage lessons to be learned from incidents. Make sure that the accident reporting procedures work and increase feedback from accident reports to the seafarers. Get more feedback and valuable inputs by building and manage all company questionnaires. 

Risk Assessment

Identifying the hazards & assess the risks
to take corrective actions.