Invitation to Webinar – September 21th at 10:00

Smarter financial closing & reconciliation with automation's ^

Learn how to streamline the year-end closing process and automate your reconciliation work with an integration

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Language: Swedish

Date: Tuesday 21st Sept 2021

Time: 10:00-10:45 (CEST)

Location: At your computer

Find out how you can close the gap in your close process by integrating your ERP with a software solution designed for the financial close.

Financial closing is often time-consuming and involves several manual procedures in the work. By using the cloud-based software Adra, you can automate the closing process and transform the repetitive and manual work into activities with higher added value.

The financial close & reconciliation software Adra help you manage the detailed process of the financial close. The suite seamlessly integrates with many financial systems such as ERPs, allowing you to close faster with confidence.

With the Adra suite, you speed up the work with the year-end closing process, save time, automate processes, reduce the number of errors and improve control.

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"86% of finance professionals say a lack of automation is preventing them from having an efficient close."

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