SolaaS - Solution as a Service

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Changing the way business
systems are delivered

All of our services can now be delivered fully implemented and integrated as a service at a fixed monthly price. This is what we call Solution as a Service (SolaaS). The result is agile and cost-effective solutions built for the future.

Buying a business software, such as an ERP system, is useless and worthless before it is implemented to fit the company’s business, culture and processes. During the implementation and eventually integrations, we turn a Software into a Solution.

SolaaS - Solution as a Service

Our solution is a combination of an ERP system, our own developed IP and 3rd party best-of-breed solutions. It is not given that anyone can implement, integrate and turn any software into a well functional and solid solution. The quality of the solution relies on the software itself, but also on the service provider’s software competence, capabilities to understand the customers business and their experience from the industry.

The past “best practices” are now a very poor playbook for the future digital connected world. We need to look beyond legacy of the past, and think forward, to which the term “Next Practice” becomes the learning spot. We take you from “best practice” visions to Next Practice delivered.

Saas vs SolaaS

We offer SaaS and SolaaS as part of our Cloud Services. SaaS is the most known abbreviation in the IT & Software market and means Software as a Service, while SolaaS is the abbreviation for Solution as a Service. 

The big difference with SolaaS is how Arribatec reduces the customer’s risk during implementation and frees the customer from high start-up costs. Instead, you get a fully implemented ERP platform with the possibility of integration with niche solutions at a fixed monthly price. We take full responsibility for monitoring, support and management of your company’s entire system landscape so you can focus on your core business.

Fast – predicable – efficient – scalable!

Our SolaaS approach delivers all aspects of an IT solution implemented, integrated and offered as a service. Through the combination of internally developed software, strong partnerships and talented people, Arribatec comprises relevant services to turn software into solutions.
Challenge us and we take you to the future!