“You can’t compromise quality and cleanliness in the Age of COVID-19”

Cloud-based Housekeeping Management Software

Arribatec Ceritfy is the tool for daily management of the entire Housekeeping Department – digitalized cleanliness- and inspection processes for rooms and public- and exhibition areas. Standalone or integrated with your PMS solution – Opera or others.

With Arribatec Certify we provide you a system to standardize, monitor and report how your Housekeeping department work and comply with considerations, recommendations and compliance set for the industry.

We believe that documenting your compliance through digitalizing these processes will increase your customers confidence in your brand.

As hotel manager or responsible for a company, we are all responsible for how we are as a service organization and take our share of the Corporate Social Responsibility related to COVID-19 – Compromising quality and cleanliness is no longer an option.

All delivered in Cloud and scalable to fit minor hotels to mega resorts, cruise ships, public buildings as well as offices independent of outsourced cleaning or in-house services.

Stay compliant – stay competitive!

Module based

The solution consists of different modules such as

  • Scheduling & Planning
  • Cleaning
  • Inspections
  • Room trading
  • Messaging & Collaboration
  • Reporting & Analytics
We adopt the solution to your specific room types, buildings and hence defining your entire property structure. Based on the “complexity” or characteristics of the different room types, a norm time is set through a credit system, feeding into the scheduling & planning automating resource planning based on your occupancy and your GRA/cleaner’s work schedules. All the different roles within the housekeeping department from GRA/Cleaner, inspectors and managers are equipped with mobile or tablet allowing them to perform their duties and secure streamlined operation – “operational excellence in practice”.

The Scheduling solution simplifies the planning process with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine, minimizing manual effort and streamlining your daily Housekeeping activities.

Based on historical data, the AI engine will allocate rooms and areas to the different GRA/cleaner’s based on his/her work schedule, past performance etc.

Minimized staff movements between rooms through intelligent routing logic.


The GRA/Cleaner are equipped with a tablet or mobile and can easily see rooms and or areas allocated to them. If extraordinary effort is required, rooms can easily be traded between GRA/cleaner’s and credit adjusted. 

You get a clear overview of rooms and or areas allocated, room guest statuses, if it’s a check-out room or not and late check-out time. Based on historical  inspections the system will automatically inform the GRA/cleaner about “Things to remember” based on earlier reported inspection “failures”.  Each room is connected to a Credit system, so based on its complexity, check-out or stay-in, the GRA/cleaner will be granted a credit for its work.

If extraordinary effort is required, such as trash-room etc, credit reductions can be given and if required other planed rooms traded to “common open” for re-allocation to one teammate.


Controlling quality in the cleanliness process is vital to your compliance. Our inspection solution, as an integral part of the Housekeeping Solution is “the tool” to drive quality in the entire housekeeping department. Our inspection sheets are dynamically implemented to fit your specific requirements and to comply with recommendations and sector standards. The Inspector will, based on what he/she inspect get a detailed checklist and digitally report quality in the entire cleanliness process. The details are also configurable, but we recommend for example; Dusty, Spotty, Dirty, Missing,

This checklist, and the results are further “reported” back to inform the GRA/cleaner’s about mistakes and will also come up as information next time they will clean same room/room types. This can also be further used to drive training and operational excellence.

Also, Inspections can be Scheduled and full tracking of who inspects what can be interesting to analyse. Our experience shows that some inspectors can both tend to inspect rooms close to the lift, or rooms made by certain GRA/cleaner’s. The number of days since inspection performed on a specific room is also traced to secure transparent and compliant view on realities.

We believe that the inspection is making a difference for you and your customers. Arribatec Housekeeping inspection sheets are built with you, for you and we are sure that together we will cover it all! Pictures can easily be added directly on each checkpoint as well – by the tablet or mobile.  

Messaging & Collabration

The solution has an integrated messaging and collaboration platform allowing you to build different communication channels, among others for COVID-19, general information and cleanliness. This platform is provided to increase collaboration and information between GRA/cleaner’s, Managers and Inspectors. We believe that collaboration through information sharing, feedback, etc increases quality and employee satisfaction.

Further to this, the solution also has a distress function, so if something happens that requires extraordinary effort or attention, a GRA/cleaner, Inspector or a Manager can by one single click easily notify the entire team at the property. Safety for you, your teammates and customers.    

Reporting & Analytics

Reporting and Analytics is an important function to document, report and analyse process and quality in your Housekeeping department. What about being able to transparently present internally or even externally how you work, and the quality of the work performed?

With focus on documenting compliance, report on quality and efficiency, we set new standards in how the entire Housekeeping department deliver on the vision and more important on the recommendations and standards in the industry. The structure of the system will allow you on a management or corporate level to benchmark hotels to hotels, or even Brands to Brands. The right reports and analytics in order to deliver Transparency and Compliance on the New Higher Standards of Cleanliness in the Age of COVID-19.