Every layer of an enterprise—being business processes, applications and platforms or infrastructure—is being subject to radical changes. These changes are impacting the experiences of customers (CX) and users (UX) alike. Successful CX and UX require a robust digital backbone that enables you to make direct connections to customers and users. We offer we offer services to drive digitalization in general, but also related to specific digital platforms required to deliver a through digital experience. This is performed by our senior architects and are normally combined with supported services related to integration with the rest of the customers system landscape. Architecture and platform = Digital Solutions Delivered.

One of the most complete, intelligent and powerful cloud based ERP systems in the world, focusing on empowering you with automation to support efficiency, scalability and insight – all to let you focus on you core business and drive growth. Xledger can also be the transactional system below our Arriba Digital Workspace, if you need a digital platform to provide one UX for your entire set of business applications throughout your organization.

Hypergene, internationally a very well-kept secret within the area of Enterprise Performance Management. This Swedish product with fantastic success in the competitive and innovative Swedish market, have through their partnership with Arribatec gone abroad! Combining Performance Management, Budgeting & Forecasting, BI & Analytics and Output Management in one solution makes it a unique solution most companies can benefit from implementing. Contact us today to explore Hypergene’s potential!

4human delivers HRM systems to 950 companies, with more than 250.000 employees. 4human’s SaaS solution are made entirely to simplify and improve the Norwegian workday, as caught in their tagline: «We Simplify and Improve». 4human is undergoing major growth and work with companies of all sizes and industries. They provide HRM solutions to corporate business, government and public services, retail, education, museums and construction and much more. Their cloud service increase effiency in the workday, both for leaders and employees, so that you can spend more time on your core business. Their HRM-system is flexible, adjusted to your needs and is seamlessly integrated with your payroll.

Power BI is a powerful collection of tools and services which facilitates the acquisition of data, data modeling, visualizations and reports, as well as the distribution of analytical solutions. Get insight into your business by combining data from all of your systems, visualize it in interactive reports, intuitive dashboards, either on your computer or tablet and mobile device.

RamBase is a complete cloud-based ERP solution for manufacturing and wholesale industries. RamBase; it’s in the cloud, everything integrates, all processes connect, and it’s built for your business. 

RamBase is owned by Hatteland, and has been a key factor in the company’s 40 years of success stories – built for the cloud and one of the first ERP systems operating from the cloud. Continuously developed by our dedicated team to meet our customers’ needs.

RamBase Cloud ERP is delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) via our EMP-shielded data center In Norway, guarded 24/7 and with full back-up and redundancy, protecting your valuable business data.

Our Arribatec Research Platform (ARP) is the integrated solution between “Instipro3” and “Unit4 ERP” (UBW) as shown in the “Our Solution overview”

Through good understanding of our customers projects, we have built our “ARP-services” related to this platform. The typical customers of this solutions are often related to “some research”. This companies have often many types of projects including different financial sources and key customer payments. The user-friendly “financial project reporting” to externals and internals is one of the main advantages of this “best of bread”-solution.

The overall type of services we provide:

  • Design the key processes and the overall solutions for the customer
  • More detailed specifications of the solutions incl. data ownership/Masterdata – and the data flow   
  • Design of the customizations & integrations
  • Implementation of the agreed solutions
  • Development & implementation of the customizations and integrations    
  • Governance and Maintenance services
  • Helpdesk – and customer support services
  • Implementation of extended solutions
  • Design and development of other integrations (Travel solutions, HR/payroll-systems, Bank. Lab-systems etc.)
  • Hosting services “in the sky”
  • Software as a Service (SAAS) – subscription go to market model
  • Quality assurance & data control
  • Project management

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Arribatec Certify is an application for daily management of the entire Housekeeping Department – digitalized cleanliness- and inspection processes for rooms and public- and exhibition areas. Standalone or integrated with your PMS solution – Opera or others.

With Arribatec Housekeeping we provide you a system to standardize, monitor and report how your Housekeeping department work and comply with considerations, recommendations and compliance set for the industry.

We believe that documenting your compliance through digitalizing these processes will increase your customers confidence in your brand.

All delivered in Cloud and scalable to fit minor hotels to mega resorts, cruise ships, public buildings as well as offices independent of outsourced cleaning or in-house services.

Stay compliant – stay competitive!Ce