Arribatec Research managment

Our Arribatec Research Platform (ARP) is the integrated solution between “Instipro3” and “Unit4 ERP” (UBW) as shown in the “Our Solution overview”

Through good understanding of our customers projects, we have built our “ARP-services” related to this platform. The typical customers of this solutions are often related to “some research”. This companies have often many types of projects including different financial sources and key customer payments. The user-friendly “financial project reporting” to externals and internals is one of the main advantages of this “best of bread”-solution.

The overall type of services we provide:

  • Design the key processes and the overall solutions for the customer
  • More detailed specifications of the solutions incl. data ownership/Masterdata – and the data flow
  • Design of the customizations & integrations
  • Implementation of the agreed solutions
  • Development & implementation of the customizations and integrations
  • Governance and Maintenance services
  • Helpdesk – and customer support services
  • Implementation of extended solutions
  • Design and development of other integrations (Travel solutions, HR/payroll-systems, Bank. Lab-systems etc.)
  • Hosting services “in the sky”
  • Software as a Service (SAAS) – subscription go to market model
  • Quality assurance & data control
  • Project management

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