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Across today’s business IT environment, digital transformation is creating disruption at a faster pace than ever. Every layer of an enterprise—being business processes, applications and platforms or infrastructure—is being subject to radical changes. These changes are impacting the experiences of customers (CX) and users (UX) alike. Successful CX and UX require a robust digital backbone that enables you to make direct connections to customers and users. Arriba Digital Workspace – any company’s tool to support transformation and deliver business solutions empowering any users within your organization.

Unit 4

Unit4 Business World, er neste generasjon ERP plattform for menneske-vennlige organisasjoner innen privat og offentlig sektor.



Unit4 Business World, is the next generation ERP Platform for People-centric organizations within private as well as public sector. This is replacing the older version Unit4 Business World/Agresso and is a very powerful toolbox of an ERP with a lot of flexibility to adopt the solutions to your specific demands. Arribatec has one of the biggest and most experienced team of consultants with extensive experience implementing and supporting UBW globally. If you need a trusted partner to implement, or drive initiatives to capitalize on you current investment in UBW, we are ready to help you!


One of the most complete, intelligent and powerful cloud based ERP systems in the world, focusing on empowering you with automation to support efficiency, scalability and insight – all to let you focus on you core business and drive growth. Xledger can also be the transactional system below our Arriba Digital Workspace, if you need a digital platform to provide one UX for your entire set of business applications throughout your organization.


Hypergene, internationally a very well-kept secret within the area of Enterprise Performance Management. This Swedish product with fantastic success in the competitive and innovative Swedish market, have through their partnership with Arribatec gone abroad! Combining Performance Management, Budgeting & Forecasting, BI & Analytics and Output Management in one solution makes it a unique solution most companies can benefit from implementing. Contact us today to explore Hypergene’s potential!


Qlik is a Business Intelligence platform built with help of the associative model and patented QIX engine that underpins the Qlik products. The platform is used by around 40 000 customers in more than 100 countries. The QIX engine uses in-memory calculations for faster and more responsive analysis and the associative model enables users to ask and analyze questions that haven’t been predefined beforehand. As must be done in traditional BI platforms, causing longer development times and insights to get lost in the analysis. This together with a cutting-edge UI design, top of the line visualizations and the possibility to easily integrate visualization from Qlik into webpages and other systems as we have done with the Arriba Digital Workspace.


You can’t run digital transformation without touching the Procure-to-Pay process, and IBX Tradeshift, one of the world’s leading Procure-to-Pay platforms can be an important solution to take your company to the next level. Arribatec has one of the biggest and best teams of consultant with extensive experience in delivering an integrated Procure-to-Pay solution by combining IBX Tradeshift and ERP. If you have UBW as ERP system, IBX’s E-Commerce platform in combination with UBW core procurement will provide you what you need to become best-in-class within Procure-to-Pay. Contact us today, and we will show you how!


Automated Business Intelligence Solutions
Let TimeXtender optimize your BI solution – and get results from day 1. Are you a first time business intelligence user – or do you want to optimize your BI solution even more? Our Data Warehouse Automation software takes you big step towards streamlining the BI processes in your company. With full GDPR compliance out of the box.


A Managed Cloud Platform for Workplace-as-a-Service and Digital Business.  @ Arribatec we engage and collaborate with Intility which we consider a competent and innovation driven company to deliver a holistic solution to the benefit of our customers. We understand how a dynamic IT infrastructure must comply with your business needs for it to yield the best result. Together we design, implement and integrate business software aligned and deployed on IT infrastructure that works for you to operate efficiently today and scale tomorrow.


4human delivers HRM systems to 950 companies, with more than 250.000 employees. 4human’s SaaS solution are made entirely to simplify and improve the Norwegian workday, as caught in their tagline: «We Simplify and Improve». 4human is undergoing major growth and work with companies of all sizes and industries. They provide HRM solutions to corporate business, goverment and public services, retail, education, museums and construction and much more. Their cloud service increase effiency in the workday, both for leaders and employees, so that you can spend more time on your core business. Their HRM-system is flexible, adjusted to your needs and is seamlessly integrated with your payroll.

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Arribatec collaborate with CHG Meridian as we find their services within Technology Management interesting for customers to manage their technology lifecycle efficiently. As the market leader within Efficient Technology Management, CHG Meridian can provide tailored finance solutions for your IT projects. As financial consultants and technology managers, they take care of your ambitious technology investments – continuously, efficiently and flexibly.

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