Our aspiration


Our aspiration

We believe that solutions and processes of the future can’t always build on past experience. The digital transformation that is underway comes a very uncomfortable place. We are all presently learning a practice. The past “Best Practices” are now a very poor playbook for the future digital connected world. We need look beyond legacy of the past, and think forward, to which the term “Next Practice” becomes the learning spot. By innovative use of IT we take you from “Best Practice” visions to “Next Practice” delivered.

It takes courage and willpower to break free from just recreating what already exists, and instead, create the solutions of the future. This is our dream, and what we aim to deliver through our own digital platform – Arriba Digital Workspace – independent of your current system landscape!


Our name

Arribatec is not a very common name for most Europeans, apart from some people in the southern parts of Europe. Arriba means “Up” in Spanish and technology is written tec. Further to that our logo commences of colorful “icons”, which represents systems and processes, which we integrate to support our customer’s business processes.

@ Arribatec, we serve you solutions that brings you up and forward by innovative use of technology. Integrated, process oriented and all delivered on a dynamic digital platform. Anything else you need to meet the competition of tomorrow?

Our name
Our mindset


Our mindset

We are not your regular consultants or system vendors. We refuse to be. Our clients tell us we are different to anyone they ever worked with, and we consider that as a strength. We engage with our customers and build deep understanding of their business, systems and processes, with the goal to become a strategic trusted advisor and solution provider. Going deeper and longer than any of our competition with regards to commitment, engagement and solutions to build a common platform for a sustainable future together with our customers.


Our story

Arribatec was founded the beginning of 2015 by Per Ronny Stav and former colleagues from Unit4. Together we shared a dream of creating a different consulting and software company focusing on delivering competitive advantages through people – system – and process. This is a fundamental combination and an absolute requirement to be able to deliver world class solutions. Surprisingly very few software and consulting companies can deliver this totality. Combining this with an innovative digital platform to support these three elements on the end user’s premises with full system support for process driven innovation was something we had and still haven’t seen elsewhere in the market place. We go for gold – together with our customers!

Our story

Challenge us

Challenge us and we will challenge you to take the right next steps in digitalizing your company.

Our strong system- and process competence, extensive experience from business software and development has equipped us with valuable tools to engage with our customers to drive innovation.


Team Arribatec commences of +90 highly competent professionals with extensive experience from business software and consulting. Challenge us to take you to the next level!

Would you like to know how our solutions or services could help your organization? Challenge us and we will challenge you to take the right next steps in digitalizing your company. Contact us today!
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