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From all the way across the pond, Mario Cellejas has arrived in Norway and is eager for new challenges with Arribatec Hospitality.

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Early interest in coding

Mario Callejas was born in Venezuela and raised in the US. His enthusiasm for coding and web design started back when he was a teenager. 

– I would say my career started early. I went from doing web design as a teenager to working at both Fortune 500 and Silicone Valley based companies, says Mario.  

At Arribatec Hospitality, Mario works as a Core Engineer. His job consists of coding and developing. – I also contribute however and wherever I can, Mario adds.

"I got a really good vibe from the team when I first met them, and it turned out to be a prefect match."

- Mario Callejas, Core Engineer Arribatec Hospitality.

Learning Norwegian 

Luckily, for Mario, coding is in English and that made the transition a lot easier for him. 

– After moving to a new country, with my wife, I like to spend time with her and we are learning Norwegian together, at “Norskkurs”, says Mario with a smile. 

Arribatec Hospitality has many exciting projects coming up, and the growing team is just getting stronger and stronger. 

– I’m excited to see the growth of Arribatec Hospitality continue. To be able to help the company succeed, and make it the best version of itself, is very thrilling, Mario expresses. 

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