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A family friendly lodgehotel, in the heart of amazing ski slopes and beautiful nature Geilo has to offer. Here you can relax and enjoy your stay with friends, family or co-workers.

Kiosk Cathrine

Cathrine Stenmarck

Vestlia Resort focuses on quality, luxury and a great experience for all ages. With their dog-friendly rooms, award winning wellness-center and an indoor playroom for the kids—you know that this is a hotel that will please and fulfill all your needs.

– Here at Vestlia we have a variety of guests. Our costumers come here to relax, be adventurous, go cross-country skiing, have some familytime or participate in conferences, says Cathrine Stenmarck, reception manager at Vestlia Resort.

Time is luxury 

The resort has now taken the next step into digitalizing their check-in and check-out systems. With Arribatec Hospitality’s new kiosk they hope to give their guests a better check-in/check-out experience.

– We want to give our guests more time to enjoy their stay with us. That is why the self-service kiosk was the perfect fit for us, says Cathrine.

"This kiosk will give us better capacity to help the guests that need more service ."

- Cathrine Stenmarck, Reseption Manager at Vestlia Resort.

Keeping a good flow

The self-service kiosk is designed around the hotels needs and it gives the employees more time to provide personal service to the guests that want it, and an easy contactless check-in for the guests that want a simple and efficient experience.

Vestlia Resort maintain a high occupancy rate all year round, but the summer and winter seasons are the busiest. It can quickly become chaotic in the lobby with check-in/check-out and queues.

– It’s hard for the hotels to keep a high standard in check when many guests arrive at the same time. That is why the self-service kiosk is a great opportunity to reduce queues and keep a good flow in the lobby, says Alexander Richter, Managing Director Arribatec Hospitality.

At check-in the guest can easily do the job themselves by paying for the stay, order room service, create their own keys and be allocated to their dedicated room.

At departure, the kiosk allows guests to quickly check out, review the hotel bill, and pay for additional room charges. Arribatec’s self-service kiosk are designed around the guests’ experience to make the process as smooth as possible for everyone. 

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– This kiosk is one of our bestsellers. With the bigger touch screen and a customized table, it fits perfectly with the hotels interior and its easy for the guests to use, says Alexander.  

– I would definitely recommend this kiosk to other hotels that are looking to digitalize their hotel and services. Arribatec Hospitality works closely with you the whole time to make sure you will get a product that is a perfect fit for your hotel, says Stenmarck.  

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What is next? 

– We always work close with our costumers after we install our systems. We keep updating the systems and make sure that everything works how it is supposed to, says Richter.

– Next on the agenda is to digitalize the rest of the hotel. We are working on an update that will allow guests to order champagne to their rooms, and much more.  

– We are very excited for the kiosk and our new possibilities that comes with it. We can’t wait for our guests to start using this in our busiest season that is right around the corner, Cathrine says enthusiastically. 

"We are looking forward to the continuation ."

- Alexander Richter, Managing Director Arribatec Hospitality.
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