Meet our newest team member, Usman ^

With his wide experience in software engineering and product development he is ready to take on new challenges with Arribatec Hospitality.

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Get to know Usman

Usman Hashim is originally from Pakistan and came to Norway in August 2018. In his spare time, he loves to travel, listen to podcasts and music. His all-time favorite artists are Rihanna and Beyonce.

— I am a huge fan of traveling and going on walks while listening to music or podcasts about social and technological related topics. My favorite podcast is UX podcast. I also like to hang out with friends, cooking, and baking. My specialty is my almond cake, Usman says smiling.


In his travels he often came across challenges within the hospitality industry that he wanted to know more about and how to solve.

— I met Bendik Kristiansen, and he started to explain the different hospitality solutions that Arribatec Hospitality is developing, and this really sparked my interests. So, I applied for a job, and now I’m here. 

— I love traveling and I often came across some challenges that I always wanted to solve as a Product Designer. 

"I found Arribatec Hospitality a very desirable place for me to grow professionally, and personally."

– Usman Hashim, Product Designer Arribatec Hospitality.

Product Designer

Usman has a bachelor’s degree in software engineering and is currently pursuing a part time master’s degree in Universal Design of ICT at OsloMet.

— During the early days of my career I worked as a full-stack java application developer. Then I worked with Simula Garage as a UX researcher for one year before I moved on to Futurehome AS, where I worked as a product designer, Usman explains.

At Arribatec Hospitality he will be working on solving user experience challenges with the design team.

— I will be widely focusing upon the user experience, testing, and observing users how they interact with the digital solutions. Then identify the challenges and ultimately design solutions that solve these problems and offer our users the best experience, and of course the best customer experience as well.

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Perfect timing

With a fast-growing team of developers, it has been hard for Arribatec Hospitality to keep ahead on the design side of things. There are also some exciting projects coming up in the near future.

— Usman is joining a user focused team eager to create and deliver intuitive solutions for the hospitality industry. Throughout the year we will work on giving the hotels more control over transactions, branding of our products, and the type of content communicated to the guests, says Bendik Kristiansen, Chief Design Officer. 

— He will be a great asset in getting insight, defining specifications, and testing ideas with our customers. We are all very glad that he is part of our team! 

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