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Improve effectiveness in your technical projects with planning & management

InfoSHIP® Planning is a purpose-built solution for planning and managing dry-docks or any other major technical project, such as retrofitting or repairs, maintaining tight control over the process and delivering successful projects on time and on budget.

dry-dock planning and management software
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Simplifying complexity

For more than 35 years, Arribatec Marine have been dedicated to the design, development and implementation of Technical Ship Management Software’s for asset, maintenance and energy management of fleets.

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Optimized Dry-Dock
Planning & Management ^

A ship in dry-dock is a ship out of service. For such reason,
InfoSHIP® Planning has been designed to:

  • accurately predict the time and the costs involved
  • promptly identify important defects
  • work in conjunction with other technical management
    and PM systems
  • keep budget vs actual costs under control
  • have a structural way to manage all complex CapEX projects
infoship assets to maintain a schedule for machinery repairs and replenishments
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Financial Planning

Keep budgeted vs actual costs under control and have a
structured way to manage all complex CapEX projects

Structure Planning

Structure plans, projects and tasks hierarchically, monitoring
budget and generating specifications to share with shipyard

Gannt Planning

Monitor ongoing work at every stage of the project