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Effectively manage & protect your assets. Maximize your ship’s life span

InfoSHIP® Asset is a technical ship management solution that allows shipowners and operators to maintain a schedule for machinery repairs and replenishment, to keep track of all transactions related to purchase and stock usage, and to provide all the stakeholders with the necessary information while ensuring increased transparency and efficiency within the company.

Designed to deliver highly-configurable fleet management, InfoSHIP® Asset includes Planned Maintenance, Material Management, Procurement and cost control solutions, working in a stand-alone dimension or in multi-connected scenarios; it can be easily linked to any accounting system, marketplace software, 3rd party logistics software (freight forwarders or agents, etc).

infoship assets to maintain a schedule for machinery repairs and replenishments
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Why choose Arribatec Marine? ^

Simplifying complexity

For more than 35 years we have been dedicated to the design, development and implementation of Technical Ship Management Software’s for asset, maintenance and energy management of fleets. 

Together with our maritime partners, we have the knowledge you need to optimize your fleet management.

Get started with InfoSHIP® fleet management and gain full control

Improve operations and performance ^

Our InfoSHIP® Asset software solution enables your technicians to be proactive and maximize your fleet’s uptime. As part of our Asset solution, we now also offer Hotel Defect Management as an add-on.

infoship assets to maintain a schedule for machinery repairs and replenishments
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Effectively plan and execute maintenance

Set machinery service reminders based on meter readings/running hours. InfoSHIP® Asset enables the user to better organize a maintenance plan and manage activities to prevent equipment failures or breakdowns. Thanks to the implementation of different maintenance analysis methodologies, the system strongly contributes to improve machinery reliability. Synchronize your data into one place and dive into fleet repair history to view your assets.

All-in-one cloud Inventory

Optimize the inventory of a multi-location and multi-store management, allowing your company to set optimized re-order levels and safety stock levels. Effectively take control of your inventory through multiple ships and warehouses.

Stock requests are also automatically issued from work orders, whether they are generated by failure events or from maintenance due dates, avoiding product shortages.

Streamline the Procurement Process

InfoSHIP® Asset gives shipping companies complete visibility of their fleet’s procurement flow, helping them to gain control over their spending and budget. It provides an overview of requisitions and purchase orders, quotation evaluations, inventory management that integrates the existing system with ERP for invoicing and payments.