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Empower your digital fleet management with our InfoSHIP® software

Specialized in providing technology and professional services to support the digitalization transition in the maritime industry, Arribatec Marine is passionate about maximizing return on assets’ performance, increasing control over operations and helping clients increase their value and obtain a competitive advantage through their InfoSHIP® software.

InfoSHIP® enables a high level of fleet control and efficiency to a broad range of technical processes. InfoSHIP® supports companies in a real step-up in marine operations, bringing ship owners to a different level of control of their vessels with functions designed to cope with their specific market requirements.

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"Boosting digital transformation & innovation to close the gap between Maritime Business and Information Technology."

For more than 35 years IB, now Arribatec Marine, has been dedicated to the design, development and implementation of enterprise asset management systems for the technical, maintenance and energy management of fleets. 

Thanks to Arribatec Marine’s software, technologies and services, customers can plan and schedule maintenance activities, technically and economically monitor third-party performance, streamline production processes and services, and have full control of the vessel.

Our InfoSHIP® products ^

InfoSHIP® is a web-based software suitable for cruise, tanker, cargo, bulk, ferry vessels and any type of ship. Learn more about the available modules below.


Enable your users to optimize stock process, improve reliability of machinery, increase the control of ship efficiency, build on shared knowledge based, benchmark company performance and keep their budget under control.

HQSE: Health, Quality, Safety & Environemnt

Record and track incidents that occur on board. Manage the expiry or renewal of certificates, plans audit scheduling, and handles the follow-up flow of technical inspections and events.

Electronic LogBooks

InfoSHIP® ELB replaces the official hard copy log books with an electronic format, enhancing data integrity and accuracy. Prevent the user from omitting any required data and reducing manual input errors.


Support the technical department in managing projects such as Drydocks, Refitting or large CAPEX projects. Keep budget vs actuals under control, collect improvements requested by the ships and monitors the work in progress.


A real-time continuous fleet monitoring software which supports decision making in terms of energy governance, fuel saving, route and speed optimization, optimum trim advice and technical and managerial analysis.

Hotel Defect

A management tool designed for cruise lines to enhance productivity, collaboration, and accountability by providing the tools and framework needed to deliver the highest level of customer service.

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Our Marine
Services ^

With more than 35-years of experience with enterprise asset management systems, we are able to provide solutions that capitalize on experience and help our clients stay competitive.

We boost digital transformation and innovation in Maritime Operations, bringing ship owners to a different level of control of their vessels with functions designed to cope with their specific market requirements.

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Business Process Consultancy

Success in implementation is not only about a software suite that fits your needs, but also a defined business process that melds with it. Side by side with customers we are constantly striving to meet targets in terms of fine-tuning and process optimization. We assist you by assessing your existing process, helping you improve not only efficiency but also explore different possibilities of increasing your business’ value and staying ahead of competitors.

System integration

In order to share strategic information, to maximize the reuse of data without double entries and to move the asset management technology forward, software has to be increasingly able to integrate with different databases, structures, and systems. Alongside classic integration with most common ERP-systems in use, our applications are able to connect technical breakdowns, maintenance documents and technical drawings with 3D graphical models and to switch from a traditional preventive/periodic maintenance to a predictive/condition based maintenance, thanks to connectivity with automation systems and sensors of all kinds.

Database Construction

Certainty and homogeneity of the information entered in the software is fundamental for efficient asset technical management and for reliable data analysis. That’s why IB also offers a database construction service customised to your actual needs, letting you achieve significant cost savings and minimal turnaround time. In cooperation with clients and the third parties involved, we can enter all the technical classifications of equipment, their components and breakdown structures, manuals, design drawings, as well as  engineering notebooks, work cards, etc.

Customer Support

Our support teams are located in Genoa, Naples, Hamburg and in Sunrise, Florida. Each hub has expertise and is in charge of business analysis and interaction with the customer base. We deal exclusively with issues related to the implementation and development of IT systems that support the technical department of complex and heterogeneous companies, working together with the IT department and end-users. This cross competence allows us to share and enforce the best practices and knowledge acquired through our experience in multiple market sectors.

Data Migration

Our migration service is built to help migrate your data quickly and easily from different platforms and systems, with minimal interruption to your ongoing operations. Determining data quality is the first key step for migration, source data is always validated before being imported, and if they aren’t complete or valid, the user always has the possibility to intervene by cleansing, harmonizing and standardizing. Data with quality issues can also automatically be identified by the system, and these errors can then be corrected based on our software requirements.

Training and Implementation

Our software training services help you maximize the value of your investment, because we help end users quickly acquire the skills they need to become confident and productive. Full training and implementation assistance services are usually planned to transfer the knowledge about the functioning of the system to selected key users, using the logic of enabling people to go from “trainees to trainers”. According to your company’s needs, specific and separate training sessions are organized for crew and office staff with in-person lessons, remote sessions, or a dedicated e-learning strategy.

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Our partners, together with Arribatec Marine, offer you best-of-breed technology to grow your business. Here is an overview of our technical and commercial partners.

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