Is 2022 the year of the post-pandemic ERP?

Lockdowns have highlighted that Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are crucial for a post-Covid business world. This is why:

We all have COVID-19 exhaustion, but the reality is that the ‘new normality is here to stay even if the terms are overused. In the last two years, companies have been facing the challenges that the pandemic has dictated. Still, something that Corona and lockdowns have highlighted is that Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are crucial for a post-Covid business world.

Collaboration, efficiency and organisational tools have shifted from being desired business elements to undeniable assets of any modern company. Adopting digital tools and cloud-based ERP software help avoiding disruption and achieving that efficiency even while remote working.

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ERP systems will be a crucial investment in 2022

As Computers Weekly writes, a recent survey shows that 53% of IT decision-makers consider the investment in ERP software the number one priority for this new year.

In addition, they recognise that another top project this year will be the investment in BI and Analytics. Getting a solution that is tailored to their needs, combined and integrated with their ERP system is paramount to getting quality data that serve its purpose in reporting and performance.

Flexible, real-time reporting through ERP plus enhanced decision-making with data gathered from business intelligence (BI) tools is what the future is all about for businesses looking to scale.


The importance of being in the cloud

We are expecting that companies will exchange on-premises systems for cloud systems that will allow continuity in future disruptive times.

What lockdowns have taught us is how essential a cloud-based ERP solution is to manage remote employees and the way they engage with the business in a work-from-home environment.

Companies that are still not in the cloud will have to do the transition quickly, to keep up with their competitor’s flexibility and scalability in the post-covid business environment.

Challenging the way ERP systems are delivered

Implementing a complex ERP system can be daunting and very costly, so choosing the right fit for your organisation is vital.

Arribatec’s vision is to simplify complexity. We empower organisations by turning technology into an enabler for growth and taking full responsibility for the system landscape – from implementation and customisation to maintenance and ERP training.

Our Solution as a Service (SolaaS) approach reduces customers’ risk during implementation and frees the customer from high start-up costs.

Want to know more about how Arribatec can help with your cloud ERP? Get in touch!

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