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Arribatec Hospitality continues the growth and are now exploring new markets in Scandinavia, and thriving for their solutions to be leading the market.

Hotelastoria front
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Thomas Furulund, Operations manager at CIC Hospitality

Hotel Astoria is a part of Best Western Signature Collection and has a history dating back to 1934.

– The hotel was built in 1934-35 and was listed as the first modern luxury hotel in Copenhagen, says operations manager at CIC hospitality Thomas Furulund. 

4-star hotel 

To live up to it’s standards the hotel is now being renovated and brought back to it’s old charm and former glory, but with a twist.

– We want our guests to feel valued and appreciated while staying with us. That is why we are now putting in a big effort to digitalize big parts of the hotel. By installing the self-service kiosk from Arribatec Hospitality our guests can choose to self-check in, or have a more personal experience with the help from our staff, Thomas says. 

"Copenhagen is a metropol with visitors from all over the world and we wish all cultures and guests welcome to Hotel Astoria."

- Thomas Furulund


Even though Astoria Hotel is a 4-star hotel the guests still want an efficient and smooth experience while checking in. By using the self-service kiosk the guests can now check in and out by themselves with a breeze. If needed they can always call for assistanse.

– This enables the front desk employees to provide a better and more thorough service to the guests that require it, says Furulund.

At check-in the guest can easily do the job themselves by paying for the stay, order room service, create their own keys and be allocated to their dedicated room.

At departure, the kiosk allows guests to quickly check out, review the hotel bill, and pay for additional room charges. Arribatec’s self-service kiosk are designed around the guests’ experience to make the process as smooth as possible for everyone. 

Andreas Loseth og Akexander Richter i facil

INVESTING IN SCANDINAVIA: Andreas Løseth and Alexander Richter

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A big step

This is the first time Arribatec Hospitality is developing solutions for another country. So far Norway has been their primary market. This means that there are new rules and laws to follow.  

– This is a big step for us. Denmark has different laws and legislation when it comes to payment terminals. Our new partnership with NETS Denmark allows us to deliver the same services in Denmark and Norway, explains Andreas Løseth, chief product officer Arribatec Hospitality.

– For a long time we have solely focused on Norway and mastering the challenges and obstacles in this market, to now being able to expand and master different markeds is a huge step for us. The best part is that we get to start in the heart of Copenhagen, with the honorable Hotel Astoria. We are so proud of this partnership, says Managing Director, Alexander Richter enthusiastically.

– We are better equipped than ever and are ready for expansions in several new countries. We are in dialog with hotels in Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Latvia.

2022 will be an exciting year for Arribatec Hospitality. With many new projects and new exciting development, both Alexander and Andreas, with the rest of their team, can’t wait to get started. 

"With this we want to send out a message that we are ready to take on more challenges and orders for 2022."

- Alexander Richter.

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