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Unit4 ERP developer4U
4.-7 . April – NorShipping, Norway
02. March – Publicworld, Norway
25. March – Næringslivsuken, BI Bergen
09.-10. May – Software, Norway
19. May – Energyworld, Norway


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We want to make a difference by supporting and showing care for those who want to move upwards. You can send your application to Innit, part of Arribatec Cloud, is currently sponsoring:

  • HamKam Gatelag

The street team is a low-threshold offer for everyone who has, or has had challenges with drug abuse. HamKam Gatelag use football as a tool to make the individual player the best version of himself.

  • Storhamar Håndball

Storhamar handball has offers from primary school and up to the elite level. The club creates excitement, commitment and joy for their community.

  • Kristoffer Kvarstad – skier (b. 2000)

Kristoffer is a young promising skier from Hamar (Norway). He shows attitudes and values that are compatible with Innit and we are involved and help him towards achieving his goals. He is now Norway’s fastest 100m sprinter, participating in junior world championship 2020.

  • Julie Blakstad – football player (b. 2001)

Norway’s next big football profile from Ottestad in the Hamar region (Norway). Julie plays today for Rosenborg and has been selected for the Norwegian national team. She is considered one of Norway’s greatest talents.

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