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Powerful hospitality solutions for excellent customer satisfaction

Our market-leading hospitality products are powerful enough to save staff and guests time and effort while improving the overall customer experience.

All our products are scalable to fit minor hotels, mega resorts, cruise ships, public buildings, and offices, regardless of using outsourced or in-house services.

Our Self-Service Kiosks include the world’s first holographic kiosk offering your guest a one-of-a-kind hotel experience. We also provide component kiosks, mobile check-in and encapsulated kiosks with your hotel’s branding, integrated into your property’s existing systems. 

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Simplifies technology for the hotel industry

We develop intelligent and innovative products for the HoReCa industry using the latest technology on the market. To increase customer satisfaction and reduce wasted time, we implement, customise, integrate and support all products so you can do what you know best – deliver great customer experiences.

Check-in kiosks ^

People are moving towards a digital everyday life, why shouldn’t the hotels follow along? With our self-service kiosks, your guests can choose between the traditional reception, or skipping the line and reducing unnecessary face-to-face interaction. 

Personalise a unique experience with your hotel’s branding to let the kiosk become a natural part of your lobby. Fast onboarding and installation that connects to your existing PMS and door locking system makes Arribatec the natural choice.


With covid-19 on the agenda, the importance of new safe solutions arose. Our latest offering ensures your guests a 100% touchless check-in and check-out. The world’s first 100% touchless check-in and check-out experience for guests are here!

We utilise holographic technology to present your guests with a user interface mid-air. The Holo Kiosk is integrated into your property’s existing systems and is available to order today.

Choose between Component Kiosks and Stand-alone Kiosks for self-service check-ins. We develop our products around your needs. Whether you represent a high-touch independent hotel or a global hotel chain, this next-generation kiosk is the ideal solution for all hotels that want to reduce front desk workload and relocate staff to focus on other value-adding tasks. Your guests will appreciate skipping the lines and 24/7 availability. 

appless check-in hotel reception

Appless check-in

Without downloading an app, we let your guests check in digitally from their phones before arriving at the hotel. Key pickup can happen at a kiosk, reception desk, or digitally through Apple Wallet. This will reduce queues and reception traffic and enable your staff to face the guests and welcome them as they arrive. 

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Virtual receptionist

Arribatec Hospitality have started a collaboration with an exciting an innovative company that is changing the game for receptionists and hotels.

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