Unit4 Travel & Expenses



Unit4 Travel & Expenses

New partnership

Arribatec has signed a partnership agreement with UNIT4 Travel & Expenses (UNIT4 T&E). The partnership includes Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

About Unit4 Travel & Expenses

The user friendly and flexible system enables employees to register their travel and expenses claims online using computer, tablet or smartphone, without needing training or knowledge about current regulations, rates or relevant expense account codes. Whether the employee’s expenses are simple or complex, their whole expenses claim is accessible from a single page.


• Shortens expenses management time from entry to payment.

• Provides potential savings in expenses management of over 50%.

• Helps enforce expenses policies.

• Enables expenses management ‘on the move’.

• Gives a straightforward overview of non-conformities and key figures figures using role-based dashboards.

• Reduces risks by incorporating policy enforcement controls.

• Makes the control and filing of expenses reports more efficient.