New project finance- and reporting system for NIBIO ^

Arribatec was chosen as the supplier in 2020 when NIBIO was to acquire new project finances and reporting system.

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NIBIO is one of Norway's largest research institutes with approx. 700 employees and Arribatec were responsible for the implementation, integrations, development and operation of the solution.

About the Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomics (NIBIO)

NIBIO researches and delivers knowledge about food and plant production, the environment, maps, land use, genetic resources, forests, enterprises, business and society’s economics. They have 15 offices in Norway, from north to south.

NIBIO contribute to food security and food safety, sustainable resource management, innovation and value creation through research and knowledge production.

What Arribatec provided

Arribatec was chosen as the supplier in 2020 when NIBIO was to acquire new project finances and reporting system. The solution chosen – Instipro3 – is part of Arribatec’s service offering to the research sector – Arribatec Research Management.

The solution has been developed in close collaboration with the industry and the institutes over many years and aims to provide customised functionality delivered as a standard solution to the research sector.

The implementation project was carried out by introducing Arribatec Research Management and integrating it with other systems, such as Unit4 ERP.

In addition, it has been developed and adapted to provide the most comprehensive system support possible.

The results

Arribatec has taken overall responsibility for implementation, integrations, development and operation, enabling NIBIO to cover all needs related to project accounting and reporting.

The delivery consists of standard systems, integration components, development and operation. Everything is delivered as a neat solution.

Customer feedback

Unni Liahjell Ellingsen, CFO of NIBIO, experienced the solution as a great advantage as it was developed for research institutes and adapted to their needs.

«We have a better overview and control of the project portfolio and within area project accounting and project reporting. Instipro3 gives us a good overview of the department’s 1500 projects at all times.

She said they found Instipro3 user-friendly, which was very important for our 600 users.

«It is also an advantage that Arribatec takes responsibility for managing and supporting us. They have many similar customers who help to influence and develop the solution for our industry.

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"After using the solution, we have received feedback from the Office of the Auditor General that they are satisfied with the overview and reporting IP3 provides on NIBIO's projects."

- Unni Liahjell Ellingsen, CFO of NIBIO.

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