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Automatic snapshots of your QualiWare repository's historical content, easily retrievable within seconds.

In line with your organization, also your management system continuously changes over time. bmsx Archive provides an exact state of past things for audits and investigations. More than that, it documents the impact of your change initiatives by visualizing your organization’s evolution. A powerful tool for process owners, system owners and the likes that makes historical content easily available with one click.

Need to take care of historical data in your management system?

Features ^

Browse content back in time

  • Automatic repository snapshots
  • Lean model browser
  • For models, attributes and tables
  • Configurable scope and visualizations

Improved auditing and resilience

  • Managed cloud environment or on premise installation
  • Compact and portable flat files
  • Available content independent from live system

Developed by Arribatec EA & BPM ^

Together with our customers we focus on finding the right mix of cloud-based software for your specific challenges – delivered to you as one solution to your business needs. Contact us at boson@arribatec.com for a demo and more information.​

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