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Establishing management structures and work processes that are organisationally sustainable.

EA & BPM stands for Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Management which is the core of our EA & BPM department. 

Most businesses are aware that they must be aligned in order to create value. They know that strategies, processes, support tools, documents and not least the people must work together to support the company’s overall objectives.

However, constantly changing framework conditions and requirements, new technologies and increased competition can make it difficult to establish and maintain consensus within businesses.

As advisors in EA & BPM, we work to create consensus. We want to simplify complexity by establishing management structures and work processes that are organisationally sustainable.

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QualiWare Management System

A holistic management tool providing transparency and strategic insights into your organisation

Businesses that introduce our management system benefit from a tool that structure and visualises all the processes, activities, regulations and requirements an organisation has to implement, govern, improve and carry out to be compliant and achieve its strategic goals.

We offer simpler and quicker access to your business information through accessible navigable graphic models. The QualiWare software allows you to create your own model-based operational management system, often with process architecture as one of the main approaches combined and integrated with other perspectives like capability architecture, information architecture and application architecture. 

Transform your business with QualiWare X

Get a complete 360-view of your organisation with QualiWare X. Evolve and transform your organisation with intelligent management and collaboration to easily bridge the gap between strategy and execution.

QualiWare X includes innovative tools, methods, and services that we can utilise to handle complex organisational challenges within Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Management, Quality Management, Asset Management, Governance, Risk & Compliance.

Enabling you to connect strategic process models with operational models, such as RPA’s and physical robotics, QualiWare X enriches the existing and reactive quality management system, creating a future-proof Enterprise Management System.


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Enterprise Architecture

Derive value from complexity and uncertainty. Deliver on your objectives while effectively navigating change, trends and disruptions. EA makes business complexity manageable by structuring and aligning strategy, organisation, processes, information, applications and technology. Reveal dependencies, change impact, and opportunities to guide your decisions. 

For managing your change initiatives, IT landscape, digitalisation efforts, or innovating your business model, EA leverages your organisation’s information and knowledge to build what you need to take strategy execution to the next level.


Business Management System

Enable improved agility, resource management and business excellence and empower your ability to react rapidly to market changes by connecting and communicating all related roles, goals, systems and other business-related objects to your processes. Gain better visibility into inefficiencies and maintain a competitive advantage through flexibility and responsiveness to your customers’ changing demands.

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BMSx ^

BMSx is our own line of products that enable you to enhance and expand the possibilities of your management system on top of QualiWare and the information you already maintain in it.

Management system app for mobile devices

Automatic archiving solution for historical content

Your QualiWare management system is always kept in line with laws and regulations relevant to you.

Gain the edge ^

With a complete service spectrum within process-oriented business management, we work actively to facilitate decision support and implement positive change. Our experienced and competent business consultants, enterprise architects and developers will help you control your business operations, ensure compliance with laws and regulations and provide the overview and insight you need to make good decisions.

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  • EA

    Connect strategies, initiatives, goals, business processes to the execution phase with knowledge and data on dependencies and stakeholders. Use insights  to improve business performance and efficiently manage resources and infrastructure.

  • GRC

    Ensure organizational agility by easily and quickly executing compliance, audits and improvements in your organization. With a holistic view of your organizational performance, you will gain greater insight into which initiatives work best.

  • Strategy

    Plan strategically to enable improved agility, resource management and business excellence, which empowers ability to react fast to market changes.

  • Compliance

    Ensure requirements for compliance (GDPR, ISO27001, SDGs..) are structured and communicated. Include reports for analytics covering compliance, requirements, and social behavior.

  • Sustainability

    Get an overview of how the UN Sustainability Goals (SDGs) are assessed to impact – positively or negatively – on relevant business contexts, i.e., processes, systems, products, etc.

  • GDPR

    Get an overview of how your organization complies with the GDPR regulations with our built-in and user-friendly GPDR functionality.

  • Contingency planning

    Plan for the unplannable! Business Continuity planning is a proactive approach to avoid and mitigate any risks associated with disruption of operation due to unexpected events.

  • ECO System

    A full overview of your surroundings and how your key stakeholders interact in a dynamic network will help you stay competitive and react rapidly to changing market

  • Customer Journey

    Visualize customer journeys directly in the management system. Get an overview of which processes and applications support (or not) key customer points.

…and much more

Contact us to see how we can help your business succeed in a dynamic market environment with Enterprise Architecture, Quality Management, Business Process Management and Optimization initiatives.

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Enabling sustainable positive change

With more than 100 tier-one customers and 150,000+ users in Norway and Europe, Arribatec has a strong position within the oil and gas, finance and health sectors, providing Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Management.

Through our proven methodology our consultants help to provide the overview and insight you need to make good decisions and drive change, development and continuous improvements in your organization. With a complete service spectrum within process-oriented business management, we work actively to facilitate decision support and implement sustainable positive change.

Latest news ^

BMSx webinar

BMSx Webinar

Join our webinar on September 28th! The webinar will cover the product series BMSx – Arribatec’s own line of products that extend and expands your existing EA & BPM system.

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Kurs: Fra god prosessteori til god prosesspraksis

Prosessarbeid er verdiskapning satt i system. Dette kurset tar deg gjennom hvorfor forretningsprosesser skaper verdi, hva prosessarbeid består av og kan bidra til. I tillegg får du innføring i vår anbefalte metode for å etablere og videreutvikle et prosessorientert styringssystem.

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